Style Icon // Blair Waldorf

“Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness, clearly didn’t know where to shop” – Blair Waldorf

Although Blair Waldorf is a pure fictional character, she has been a very real style icon since the first episode of the popular series Gossip Girl. Blair’s sense of style, snappy remarks, unforgettable fashion tips and trademark looks have made her iconic. In the beginning of the series, the character, brilliantly portrayed by actress Leighton Meester, is the queen of a privileged Upper East Side high school. Blair rules with an iron fist, in person as in fashion. Her style can be characterized as classy, but edgy. She wears fine cuts, made of delicate fabrics, but her outfits always have a little bit of an edge – a style which suits Blair’s persona perfectly. Here are some of Blair’s trademark tools that make her distinctive look:

Statement necklaces

Blair’s outfits are always completely finished – there is absolutely nothing bohemian or nonchalant about her. She usually wears her dresses or blouses with a statement necklace. This accentuates her neckline and face. For example, I learned to wear a lace skater dress, with a chunky necklace. When the dress or top is monochrome, use a statement necklace.


Just as I do, Blair dresses with role models in mind. Her outfits are always vintage-inspired, to honour her own style icons. Her most distinctive hero is Audrey Hepburn and most of her outfits have those same classy and elegant shapes. Clean cut dresses, statement jewelry and, of course, a good dose of wit. Blair is inspired by vintage fashion and she channels this into more modern pieces. For example, Blair wears a lot of lace and vintage prints.


From the first episode of Gossip Girl, Blair started a fashion revolution. Her character can always be recognised because of her trademark headbands. In high school, Blair wore her headbands preppy, in the colors red and blue. Sometimes she wore them simple, but other times she would upgrade her headbands by adding a bow, beading or crystals. In the later seasons of Gossip Girl, Blair introduced the headband as a non-preppy accessory, that can be worn with every outfit and every occasion.

Hair and make-up

Apart from a very distinctive fashion style, Blair also has a very characteristic hair- and make-up style. Blair wears her hair either in loose curls or in a romantic, classic up-do. Before I dramatically cut my hair, I used to inspire my hairdo’s by Blair. Nowadays, I am mainly inspired by Blair’s iconic fashion style. Although she is not a real, living person, Blair is a true icon of fashion. Her style is confident, romantic and strong.