I have a system, in which I add one song every day to a playlist in Spotify, titled “2014 MIXTAPE”. This system saw the light on the 1st of January of this year and ever since that day, I have added one song a day. That’s how I know that today, the 2nd of March 2014, is the 61st day of the year!

Other than this very useful knowledge, I will also have a playlist of 365 numbers at the end of 2014. A playlist that will show me what I listened to this year, on which days I was happy (and listened to Pharell Williams with “Happy”) and on which days I was completely Sherlocked (and listened to the soundtrack in order to prepare for the new episodes…).

Great, right?

And the song of today is a new discovery – at least for me. The band, Royal Blood, has had one single here in the Netherlands: Out Of The Black and I was absolutely hooked since the first four seconds. Royal Blood is an upcoming band, with – unfortunately! – only two songs on Spotify. And by today, both of them are in my 2014 MIXTAPE.

This one’s called Little Monster.