The Pinkpop Festival 2014 is upon us. In only two short days, the festival-craze breaks loose and you are in for a week-end of great music, great fun and, above all, great weather. Time to sort out outfits and pack those bags!

With these five crucial tips, you will learn how to dress to impress on every summer festival.

1. Kimonos

Kimono 2

Kimonos are great to wear to festivals. They are colorful, they are comfortable and, last but not least, they are compatible with every kind of outfit. When the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising, you can use a kimono to cover up your shoulders and avoid getting burned by the sun. Or when the day is rather cloudy, you can wear a kimono as a fun alternative to a jacket. Conclusion: the kimono is multi-employable and thereby a must-have in your festival wardrobe!

2. Maxi-dresses

Maxi-dress 1

I love to wear maxi-dresses and skirts to festivals. They are so easy and comfortable to wear, perfect for an entire day out on the field. Plus, with a maxi-dress, you do not have to worry about what top matches with what shorts – you just put on your maxi-dress, add some cute accessories and you are good to go!

3. Blue jeans / White shirt

Blue Jeans / White Shirt

The old-time classic combination of blue jeans with a white shirt can, of course, be worn every day to every occasion – also to festivals! High-waisted jean shorts are all the rage now, so combine them with a simple, classic and loose white shirt to add some chic to your festival outfit. Also, the color white is light and airy when the sun is shining the entire day.

4. Black

Black 2

Black is great, especially to wear to festivals. Why? Because black cover up those grass, mud, beer or mayonaise stains like no other colors. Wearing black, you have to worry a little less about your clothes getting dirty and focus on the reason you came to the festival in the first place: to relax and enjoy some great music.

5. Everything Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

When it comes down to festival wear, Alexa Chung is your absolute role-model. She is a festival-veteran, so search the web for photos of her attending festivals and learn from that. I know I do. Alexa knows how to dress to impress at festivals. She looks chic, comfy and fashionable – what do you want more?


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