Mood Indigo (2014)

French Academy Award-winning director Michel Gondry, best known for his “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,”adapts a novel by Boris Vian, called L’écume des jours.  “Mood Indigo,”the English title of the adaptation, is about Colin (Romain Duris), a wealthy young bachelor who lives in a house full of rarities and strange inventions. He is in the company of his best friend Chick (Gad Elmaleh), who has an obsession with the philosopher Jean-Saul Partre, his cook, Nicolas (Omar Sy) and a tiny man, dressed as a mouse. Colin watches his best friends fall in love and suddenly dreads his own solitude. He demands to fall in love and he does, with the beautiful Chloé(Audrey Tautou). They start a whirl-wind romance and soon Colin lives with his head in the clouds – quite literally, because he and Chloéhave their first date in a cloud on a wire attached to a giant crane, traveling over Paris. Colin and Chloé get married and everything seems to be perfectly quirky – but then tragedy strikes. A flower starts to grow inside of Chloé’s lungs and she takes ill. To cure her mysterious disease, Colin surrounds his love with white flowers. But will it be enough to heal her?

The film stars three well-known French actors, Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou as the couple Colin and Chloé, and Omar Sy as Colin’s cook. Duris, although less known by the international audience as his co-stars Tautou and Sy, delivers a funny and touching performance. He honors the quirkiness and playfulness of “Mood Indigo”and makes sure that his character has these same characteristics. Sy, known for the French hit-film “Les Intouchables,”does a great job as Colin’s cook/chauffeur/waiter/mentor/personal assistant. But the real star of “Mood Indigo,” is Audrey Tautou. She is charming and sweet as Chloé, with just a hint of naughtiness. Your eyes are drawn to her every time she emerges on the screen, but she acts with so much grace and passion that this is entirely justified.

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