Very Good Girls (2014)


“Very Good Girls” is about the introverted Lilly (Dakota Fanning) and her outgoing best friend Gerry (Elizabeth Olsen). They both graduated from high school and when summer is over, they are both going to college – but the two girls have to do one thing first: losing their virginity.

One sunny day at Brighton Beach, Gerry cycles into an ice cream cart, manned by a handsome young man, David (Boyd Holbrook). Gerry is immediately attracted to him and although Lilly is too, she is more taken aback. This until she sees black and white photographs of herself all over town and realizes she really feels something for David. A secret summer romance follows between Lilly and David, until Gerry confesses she cannot stop thinking about David. Lilly, feeling guilty for hiding their relationship from her best friend, feels herself drifting away from Gerry. Will the girls find their way back to each other before they go to college?

The whole film feels so natural and genuine. Both Fanning’s and Olsen’s performances are very well-accomplished. Fanning’s calm, timid and introverted Lilly is in sharp contrast to Olsen’s much more outgoing and restless Gerry. The dynamics between the two actresses is very believable, which makes it enjoyable to watch. As the story unfolds, both Fanning and Olsen seem to get more confident in their roles, ultimately leading to a huge fight between the two characters, as Gerry finds out Lilly has been seeing David the entire summer. The scene is honestly and genuinely acted by both actresses.

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