What To Pack // For Edinburgh In May

In just a few days, I will travel back to my favorite place on earth: Edinburgh. I first visited Scotland’s capital when I was eleven years old and I have never fallen out of love since. However, packing for May in Edinburgh can be quite tricky, as the weather is unpredictable. Heavy showers or sunny spells – you want to be prepared for everything.

This guide can help you, by putting together an outfit that is comfortable to walk around the city in, as well as it is classy and sophisticated. Here you will the find ten items that are unmissable in my Edinburgh wardrobe. Click on the images to find (and perhaps purchase!) my chosen items online.

1. Trenchcoat

trench coat

Is there one item of clothing that is more British than the classic, camel-colored trench coat? Although there might be some confusion going on whether Scotland is British or not, the trench coat is still a very suitable item to wear in Edinburgh. It will protect you from rain, from wind and from cold. And when it’s sunny, you can wear your trench coat open, with your belt loosely tied on your back.

2. Dark Skinny Jeans

Dark skinny jeans

Dark skinny jeans are unmissable in your wardrobe and absolutely vital to your travel attire. Why? Because they go with anything, they are slimming (always nice!) and, a nice practical bonus, stains do not show.

3. Breton Sweatshirt

Breton sweater

The breton sweatshirt is a French icon, but why not wear it in Scotland as well? It is classic, sophisticated and casual – exactly the kind of look your travel wardrobe should emphasize.

4. Sneakers


Comfortable footwear is essential wherever you travel – but for Edinburgh, some sturdy, comfortable sneakers are the best option. Most of the roads in the Old Town are made out of cobble stones and they will not be kind to your feet, especially when you are walking around all day. With some study sneakers, you can walk the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse and back.

5. Red Lipstick

red lipstick

Edinburgh can be quite rainy and grey in May and wearing a bright red lipstick can lighten up your day and look. The Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, nr. 46 “La Malicieuse” is my favorite. Why? Because the color is just perfect – not too red, not too pink – and it goes really well with black eyeliner, for a more classic look.

6. Cross-body bag

cross-body bag black

When you are walking around the city all day, you do not want to have to carry around a huge and heavy bag. The cross-body bag is the perfect solution to carry your belongings, such as your wallet, travel papers, lipstick and travel guide, comfortably and safely.

7. Umbrella


To shelter from the rain and wind, you will need an umbrella. My ideal choice would be a simple and clean black one, because it goes with anything and does not draw attention. This one is actually foldable, which means that when the grey clouds clear, you can easily carry around your umbrella in your bag.

8. Sunglasses


As likely rainfall is, just as likely is sunshine when visiting Edinburgh in May. Sunglasses are essential and my ideal pair would be classic and black. This way, they match your red lipstick perfectly.

9. Camera

polaroid camera

Collect those memories! With this little camera, you can even collect your memories on polaroid – for that extra vintage feel. This way, you can take the image of Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and the view from Calton Hill (or that Scot in a kilt!) with you.

10. Notebook

moleskine-notebook-plain-9x14-skizze-1Write down your adventures, your encounters and your new favorite places in Edinburgh in your fancy-looking notebook. Why Moleskine? Because Moleskine.


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