what's in my festival bag? 2 Only one more week until my first festival of the season takes place and so the Ultimate Packing and Planning commences. With (a tiny bit of pride) I present: The Ultimate Guide To Packing Your Festival Bag. Do you see anything you love and absolutely need in your festival bag? Click on the products to be redirected to online stores that sell them!

1. Labello Fruity Shine Cherry lip gloss

labello-fruity-shine-cherry This lip gloss is my loyal friend on a daily basis, but it is my ultimate savior at festivals. Why? Because it does not only keep your lips soft, healthy, and sun-protected, it also gives them a nice gloss with a subtle shade of red. This cherry lip gloss is the ideal alternative to wearing lipstick at festivals.

2. Sunscreen

sunscreen Spending time at a festival means spending most of your day outside, where you are exposed to the sun. That is why I always bring a mini sunscreen in my bag, to be able to re-apply it throughout the day and keep those nasty sunburns away. My favorite is the sun milk from Kruidvat. My skin is a remarkable easy target of sunburns and 50 SPF sun milk keeps me and my skin safe.

3. Sunglasses

sunglasses heart
Do I need to say more? Sunglasses are essential at festivals. They look fabulous and they protect your eyes from the mighty sun. This heart-shaped pair from Urban Outfitters will be the finishing touch to your festival outfit.

4. Band-Aids

Band-aids always come in handy, but especially when you are walking around a festival terrain all day! Blisters are annoying, so make sure you have a couple of band-aids in your bag to keep them from ruining your day.

5. Earplugs

earplugs Protect your ears! An absolutely vital item in your festival bag should be ear plugs. Wear them and you can enjoy music festivals for years to come.

6. iPhone

iphone I take my iPhone everywhere I go – also to festivals. Safely hidden in my bag, I only take it out in case of emergencies, such as snapping a picture of the stage or texting my family where we are meeting up for some kebab.

7. Tickets

festival pass Tickets! They might be the most important item in your festival bag, since you need them to gain access to the festival every day. To keep them safe from pick pockets, I always store them in a tiny and secret pocket inside of my bag. You would have to be a super-trained expert in stealing to rob me off my tickets!

8. Wallet

tiny wallet I always bring a tiny, flat wallet with my to festivals, where I keep my cash, my bank card and my identity card safe. I love this one from H&M, in a cool minty color.

9. Poncho

poncho Plastic ponchos. They might be the least fashionable items on earth – but at festivals, they might safe you from drowning in the rain. Just in case of emergencies, I keep one neatly folded in my bag.

10. The Ultimate Bag

cross-body bag black A couple of seasons back, I found the most perfect festival bag at H&M. It is black, so it matches with all of my outfits, it has a secure zipper on the front of the bag (pick-pockets, I dare you!)ย and it has pockets on the inside that can be zipped close (for keeping your essentials safe!).

Nine essential items. One small bag. I am ready for the festival season!


Almost Famous Writer