Pinkpop Festival 2015, you were beautiful. The music was amazing, the weather burning hot and the atmosphere fun as always. There were highlights (Aurora! Muse! Oscar and The Wolf!) and there were a few missers. I was disappointed when Foo Fighters had to cancel their set (Dace Grohl broke his leg when jumping off a stage in Sweden), but Pharrell Williams as the headliner replacement was even more disappointing.

Nevertheless, Pinkpop Festival 2015 was one beautiful edition. Below my thoughts on a brilliant week-end:

Friday June 12, 2015


paloma faith

(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

The understatement of the festival: Paloma Faith. I never really listened to her albums, but I always enjoyed her singles “Stone, Cold, Sober” and “Can’t Rely On You”. During her set at Pinkpop, Paloma Faith proved to be an artist with fire, grace and an affinity to entertain.



(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

Off the beaten track at Pinkpop: it is kind of hard to do. But with Aurora, it was a great trip off the track. This young artist from Norway bewitched the audience with her synths and her angelic voice.



(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

Beautiful as always: Elbow at Pinkpop. Frontman Guy Garvey and his consorts put a spell on the audience, with their dreamlike music.



(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

Muse never disappoints. In my opinion, they were the ultimate headliner. They gave the audience a show with excellent music, power, confetti and huge black balloons that bounced over the crowd. With festival favorites like “Supermassive Black Hole” and “Time Is Running Out”, Muse knows how to work a crowd.

Saturday June 13, 2015


gaz coombes

(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

A very unexpected surprise was Gaz Coombes when we walked into the Brand Bier Stage. I had no clue who he was, until I read that he was Supergrass’ former frontman. I absolutely love their song “St. Petersburg” and thus I very much enjoyed Gaz Coombes’ set.


the wombats

(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

Brit-Pop is always a nice ice-breaker on a hot and crowded festival field. The Wombats delivered an enjoyable show, with tracks to dance and sing along with, while enjoying the beautiful weather.



(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

Beautiful, sharp and elegant: those are the words I would use to describe Dotan’s set at Pinkpop Festival 2015. Known for his hitsingles “Home” and “Fall”, he proved himself a worthy artist to perform on the main stage.


selah sue

(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

Selah Sue was one of my favorite sets of the week-end, with her enthusiasm, energy and talent.



(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

Kensington is no stranger to Pinkpop Festival. Last year they performed on main stage and this year at the 3FM Stage, but there was no difference in their performance. The place was packed and Kensington knows how to make them dance.


robbie williams

(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

I am not the biggest Robbie Williams fan. It is just not my thing. However, I do have to admit, the man knows how to entertain (pun fully intended!) and got the whole festival crowd to dance and sing along with him.

Sunday June 14, 2015


kitty, daisy and lewis

(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis is the perfect music when you are lazily sitting in the grass, facing the stage, while eating a sandwich and drinking a very healthy smoothie (which is exactly what yours truly did…).



(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

I heard some very positive stories about Typhoon and his live performance. Although I cannot deny he performed with a lot of enthusiasm, it is simply not my cup of tea.



(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

When Foo Fighters had to cancel their set, measures had to be taken – and the organization made a very, very clever decision by adding Belgium heroes Triggerfinger to the program. Always impeccably dressed in colorful suits, they took the stage and the festival.


oscar and the wolf(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

Absolutely amazing: Oscar & The Wolf at Pinkpop Festival 2015. The Brand Bier Stage was packed with people dancing to their synths and pumping beats. It was truly one of my favorite sets of the week-end.



(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

What really struck me about Kovacs’ performance, was how much thought was put into the stage design – it looked like a movie set, with thick and mysterious smoke, spooky lanterns and stars shimmering in the background. However, it is a set that suits better in a dark concert hall than in a festival tent.



(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

For me, Placebo was Sunday’s headliner. They performed tracks like “Loud Like Love”, “Meds” and “A Million Little Pieces” with their usual sharpness, energy and devotion to their music. It was a real treat to watch and listen to Placebo’s set at Pinkpop Festival.


pharrell willams

(Photo credits: Pinkpop Festival)

The biggest disappointment of Pinkpop: Pharrell Williams. I had high hopes for the world-wide known and respected artist and producer, but as it turned out, Pharrell could not handle the headliner position on Sunday. Hate to break it to you, Pharrell, but Pinkpop does not take place in Amsterdam.

Pinkpop is a tradition, a ritual that returns every year around the same time. Somehow, I seem to love it more and more every time I step onto the festival grounds. The only thing I could think of when we left the festival campsite early Monday morning was “see you next year”.