Since I was 11 years old, my family takes me to music festivals. For years, we have been visiting Pinkpop Festival and last year, we also decided – in a sudden flash of spontaneity – ┬áto visit Down The Rabbit Hole. Only this year, I will also be visiting Best Kept Secret Festival with my boyfriend and his family.

I have heard some very positive stories about Best Kept Secret. The food is supposed to be amazing, the music impeccable and the location perfect (the festival takes place in a safari park, with the main stage located on the beach!). Tomorrow it is time for me to see if the stories are true.

1. Royal Blood

Last winter, I visited a Royal Blood concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam and it was amazing. These guys perform with so much energy and devotion – it is a joy to experience. I hope they will convey that same energy and power at a festival setting.

2. Kate Tempest

For every festival that I visit, I make a Spotify playlist with all the artists on the program. This way, I am completely prepared for the festival. I had not heard of Kate Tempest, until I heard her song “A Hammer” come up in my playlist. The beats, the sinister sounds and Kate Tempest’s undeniable vocal presence – it all made me very curious to see her performing live.

3. Alt-J

I am very, very curious to see Alt-J perform, because I absolutely love both their albums, “An Awesome Wave” and “This Is All Yours”, but I heard some negative reviews of their live performance. This will be the perfect opportunity to decide wether the rumors are true…

4. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

I never really listened to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds until I made a playlist of the entire line-up, but I fell head-over-heels in love with the above song: If I Had A Gun.


I have always been very fond of SOHN’s music: the atmosphere, the simplicity and the dream-like sequences. But the question is, am I still as fond of his work after I have seen him performing live?

Some practical information:

Best Kept Secret takes place from June 19 until June 21, 2015 in Hilvarensbeek, The Netherlands. Both week-end and day tickets are still available and you can purchase them here.