In 2014, the first edition of Down The Rabbit Hole took place in Beuningen, The Netherlands – and I got to be a part of that. Down The Rabbit Hole is a festival like no other, because it does not just promise good music, it promises a full experience. And that is exactly what you get.

The idea behind this young festival is to “disappear” into the woods for three days. It is located in a holiday park, with woods, meadows, beaches and a lake. In the midst of this peaceful location, there are three stages where a wide variety of artists perform. Apart from that, you can build rafts to cross the lake with, sit down in the meadows and enjoy some freshly prepared English Breakfast in the afternoon and nip mojitos on the beach.

As the second edition of Down The Rabbit Hole is approaching (me and my family are leaving in only a couple of hours!), I listed five artists that I consider to be must-sees.

1. Damien Rice

Ever since his debut album, “O”, Damien Rice has been an influential singer-songwriter (Ed Sheeran named him one of his most important music influences!). Songs like “The Blower’s Daughter“, “9 Crimes” and “Accidental Babies” are loved all over the world. But after 2006, Damien Rice has been quiet. Eight years later, in 2014, the singer-songwriter released his third record: “My Favourite Faded Fantasy”, which brought him back in the game – and on the main stage at Down The Rabbit Hole!

2. FKA Twigs

After FKA Twigs’ magical performance on Jimmy Fallon (which you can watch here), the artist has been in the spotlights. Her hypnotic, electronic music is supposed to be a hit at festivals, so I am very curious to see her perform this week-end.

3. Blaudzun

My mother and I are both very fond of Blaudzun, the Dutch musical collective that creates the most beautiful, dramatic and dream-like music. I saw them at Pinkpop Festival and Nazomer Festival last year, but a Blaudzun show never gets old.

4. Oscar & The Wolf

Oscar & The Wolf’s star is rising – and how! Last year, the Belgian band released their debut album and it resulted in many positive reviews (including mine! Read it here) and a loyal audience. I saw them perform at Pinkpop Festival a couple of weeks ago and it was one of my favorite sets of the week-end. Naturally, I will see them again at Down The Rabbit Hole!

5. Patti Smith

For me, Patti Smith is this icon of times long-forgotten and the author of one of my favorite books: “Just Kids”. Her album “Horses” is legendary and at Down The Rabbit Hole, she will perform the entire album live.

Some practical information:

Down The Rabbit Hole takes place from June 26 until June 28, 2015 in Beuningen, The Netherlands. The festival only sells week-end tickets and they are still available for purchase here. Fun fact: the festival offers a group discount, so take all your friends and dive into the rabbit hole!