I think I can safely say that, out of the three music festivals boyfriend and I visited over the past three weeks, Down The Rabbit Hole was the best, the longest and the most tiring of all.

In the midst of my post festival depression, look back with me on another amazing festival week-end, with hipsters dancing to Iggy Pop, loads and loads of pregnant ladies and Nijntje:

Thursday June 25, 2015

Although the magic would not begin until Friday around noon, the campsite would already open its doors on Thursday. So that sunny afternoon, we packed our bags, put those and a lot of camping stuff in our orange hippie van and drove towards Beuningen.


In the burning sun, we set up camp. From our tent, we could see the festival gate, the beach and the shimmering water of the lake. To cool down, boyfriend and I went for a swim. The water was very cold at first, but as soon as we got used to the temperature, it was the perfect way to start our last festival week-end.

Friday June 26, 2015

IMG_0133Down The Rabbit Hole kicks off the week-end a little bit differently from other festivals. Instead of having a band opening the festival on a stage, Down The Rabbit Hole prefers a more personal opening in the shape of Blaudzun, parading from the entrance of the campsite, through thousands and thousands of colorful tents, towards the gate of the festival site.

IMG_0140After driving around the campsite in a cage, Blaudzun would be the first band to take the main stage, called the Hotot. As usual, I loved Blaudzun’s dream-like, bombastic and elegant music (I even bought his latest album, “Promises Of No Man’s Land” on vinyl!).

From the Hotot, we walked towards the Fuzzy Lop, the tiniest stage of the festival. It might be the smallest stage, but the bands are the most surprising. Such as Rangleklods, a Scandinavian duo who made interesting, dark and brooding electro-pop.


My dad recommended zZz to me and so we went to the Teddy Widder, the third stage at Down The Rabbit Hole. Unfortunately, I did not really like the music that was played before me. I could not get a grip of it, so we left again in search for something to eat.

Oscar & The Wolf

My favorite set of Down The Rabbit Hole was undoubtedly Oscar & The Wolf. These Belgians play their sexy, slow and hypnotizing music with such energy, power and devotion, it was impossible to stand still. During their set, the entire crowd was dancing and cheering, applauding so loudly after every song frontman Max Colombie was taken aback for a minute or 2.

Rats on Rafts

During the Rats of Rafts set, I noticed a peculiar ensemble in the crowd: The Polkadot Family. They consisted out of two women and one man and as their nickname already suggests, they were all wearing something involving polkadots. One woman was wearing a polkadot dress, the other a polkadot sweater and the man wore a blouse with a polkadot print. Unfortunately, I did not see The Polkadot Family ever again, but the image surely stuck.

IMG_0168We had a break in between bands we wanted to see, so we met up with my family for dinner at the Vuige Veld (translation: Nasty Field). The food at Down The Rabbit Hole is absolutely divine (very similar to Best Kept Secret Festival, in that sense). Boyfriend enjoyed his full rack of spare-ribs, while I was more in the mood for a green couscous salad with feta cheese, chorizo, fresh vegetables and bread with home-made tarragon butter.

After our very delicious dinner, we walked towards the Teddy Widder, where punk icon Patti Smith & her band would perform her debut album “Horses”. It was very special to see such an icon perform only a couple of meters away from you, but Patti Smith‘s voice was not what it once was and it kind of broke the illusion.

damien rice

(Photo Credits: De Gelderlander)

Damien Rice was Friday’s headliner and so we installed ourselves in the grass behind the Hotot, while listening to his music. What was really impressive was the fact that Damien Rice was performing alone, just him, his guitar and his loopboard – without any band to back him up. Although it was definitely impressive (he created entire compositions with his loopboard), I think it might have been better if Damien Rice had brought a band to support him. He could not really quite capture the audience’s attention, which is a shame, because his music is so worth a listen.

Saturday June 27, 2015

Saturday was a day of relaxation for us. The program was not as busy as the previous day, so we had time to sit in the grass, eat crêpes and Italian chicken sandwiches, nip mojitos and Desperados and enjoy the atmosphere of the festival.


The first artist we saw on Saturday, was Elias. I did not really like it, but a friend of ours thought it was “genius”, so I guess everybody has their cup of tea…

Glass animals

(Photo Credits: VPRO)

Glass Animals was the perfect music to relax with, because it is fun, laid-back and has that care-free summer feel.

roisin murphy

(Photo Credits: VPRO)

I only knew Róisín Murphy of her song “Overpowered”, which is a track that somehow keeps coming back to me. So we went to see her performance, but somehow it did not really struck a chord with me. Perhaps it was because I could not see anything that was happening on stage, because the reviews of Róisín Murphy were super positive. A missed opportunity.

fka twigs

(Photo Credits: VPRO)

While eating a delicious, delicious crêpe with Nutella (from the infamous crêpe-ladies, as boyfriend and I nicknamed them), I walked towards the Teddy Widder to see FKA Twigs. I did not really know what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised when the music started. What I loved most about her performance, was the fact that everything matched perfectly. The music was in sync with the lighting and FKA Twigs‘ dance moves were in sync with both the music and the lighting.

iggy pop

(Photo Credits: Frontview Magazine)

Hipsters dancing to Iggy Pop is something I will never ever forget. They moved around aimlessly, their arms waving through the air as if they were fighting off ghosts and their feet bare. The slow and tranquilizing way they moved stood in such a sharp contrast to Iggy Pop‘s punk music, it was hilarious to watch.

Sunday June 28, 2015

Max Richter

On the fourth and last day of our festival week-end, we started with Max Richter, a composer of classical and film music. It was an incredibly beautiful performance, where Max Richter and his ensemble performed both his own work and redesigned versions of Vivaldi’s classic compositions. During this set, something unusual happened: the entire crowd was silent. Every head in the Teddy Widder was pointed towards the stage, to listen in awe. At the end of Max Richter’s performance, the people who had been sitting, all stood up to applaud for the composer and his magical collective.

Boyfriend really, really wanted to see Other Lives, so we bought ourselves some ice cream and installed ourselves in front of the stage. “You’re really gonna like this,” he kept saying and he was right: I very much enjoyed Other Lives‘ set. The frontman looked like the friendly lion from children’s picture books and the music was just as fairy-tale-like.

birth of joy

(Photo Credits: VPRO)

Recommended by my Dad, we sat down in the shade of the Teddy Widder and listened to Birth of Joy. I could not see much, except for the occasional head-bang and dramatic guitar-sweep, but the music was loud enough to hear every bit of it. The first couple of songs I liked, but after that, it became more of the same.

We sat down in the grass behind the Hotot to listen to Seasick Steve, while eating grilled goat cheese sandwiches and drinking mojitos. It was the perfect soundtrack to listen to while relaxing in the sun.

The War On Drugs

(Photo Credits: VPRO)

During the set of The War On Drugs in the Hotot, boyfriend and I sat down in very comfortable bean-bags at the KPN Music State, where we could charge our phones (we were desperate). The sun set in the most breathtaking way possible (see photo below!), while we listened to the pretty music of The War On Drugs and wished time would go slower, because we did not want to go home yet.


Down The Rabbit Hole, I miss you already! But the dates are already set for the next edition (June 24 until June 26, 2016!), so I will definitely return to Beuningen next year…