Three music festivals in a row: it is kind of die-hard. We are tired, sun-burned (some of us tanned…) and a little bit closer to permanent ear damage, but we also experienced three amazing, funny and incredible festival week-ends.

It kind of started to become a routine: festivalling in the week-ends, working during the week. After we came back from Down The Rabbit Hole, we experienced something that can be referred to as “Post-Festival Depression”. To cure ourselves, we decided to visit one more festival: Metropolis Festival 2015 in Rotterdam.

The weather forecast was not that great: they even gave a color yellow warning, which means “Watch out! Hide your children! Hide your wives! Bad weather in the shape of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are coming for you all!”. Despite this rather terrifying message, we decided to go after all. Metropolis Festival is free entrance, so why not?

We had to travel with the underground for a bit, what felt like running a marathon in a microwave or like peas in a pod that was being cooked. From the metro station, it was only a short walk through the heat towards the Zuiderpark, a park in the south of Rotterdam.

If I could only use one single word to describe Metropolis Festival, it would be “hipsterfest”. The crowd mainly consisted out of teenage hipster girls, with flowers in their neon-colored, bluntly cut hair and wearing high-waisted jeans shorts. This crowd was mixed with couples with young children (for some reason), who wore ear protection that was too heavy for their small heads, and people over 40. The result was a very diverse and therefore very interesting crowd.

When we arrived at the festival grounds, the Dutch band Halfway Station was playing at the Thinkers Stage, one of the three stages at Metropolis Festival.

All Tvvins

Directly after that, boyfriend and I walked towards the Workers Stage, where Irish band All Tvvins was performing. As you might remember from my previous post, I was curious to see this band, because they promised a combination of rock and electronic. I really liked All Tvvins, although there were more guitars than synths. Nevertheless, their sound was really catchy and the singer’s voice was very calm and soothing, which was very nice to listen to (boyfriend compared his voice to Bon Iver).

Then it was time for one of favorites (if not favorite) activities of a music festival: eating. So boyfriend and I went to check out the food court, which offered anything from fries with mayonaise to Asian food and pulled pork sandwiches. Ultimately, boyfriend and I decided to go for a wrap with kebab, lettuce and garlic sauce. While it was very tasty, it was a lot for me, so I had already eaten for the rest of the day!

While we walked over the festival grounds with our kebabs, it had started to rain. Thick and icy water drops fell from the sky. A cold, sharp wind flew in and brought dark grey clouds with it. After a short debate with boyfriend’s sister and her best friend, we decided to just go home again. None of us were prepared for bad weather and we were cool with just being lazy and playing Mario Party.

Unfortunately, the weather gods were not quite done with us yet, because as we stepped out of the metro station, it was as if we stepped into the shower. A cold, unwelcome and hateful shower, that is. We hurried home, where we all changed into comfy onesies (for proof of said events, check the photo below).

Onesie Squad

Although we only saw two bands perform at Metropolis Festival, it was the perfect way to see goodbye to our festival-life. With a lot of fun and unforgettable memories in our pockets, we simply have to wait another year, for the next festival begins.



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