Apart from blogging myself, I also spend a lot of time online, reading other blogs and seeking for inspiration. Here I listed my five favorite blogs, that have inspired me to start my own and that I read on a (almost!) daily basis, from Fashionata to Rens Kroes:

Raspberry & Rouge

raspberry and rouge 2


Rebecca Laurey is the girl behind this personal style diary called Raspberry & Rouge. Here, she posts about anything from her travels (New York, Palm Springs, Los Angeles) to fashion.

What I really love about Raspberry & Rouge is the quality of the photographs Rebecca posts. They are all of incredibly high quality, they are infinitely stylish and gorgeously beautiful. Another thing that is really great about this blog, is that Rebecca stays very true to her style, which is romantic with a jet-set allure.


fashionata 2


Fashionata is one of Belgium’s biggest and most popular fashion blogs. The woman behind it, Sofie Valkiers, is a freelance stylist, columnist and author of her personal style guide “The Little Black Book”.

If there is one blog that inspired me to start my own, then it would be Fashionata. I loved Sofie’s book and so I started following her website. I read how she shared her passion (for fashion!) online and it made me realize that I also wanted to do this. Apart from being an inspiration, Sofie also posts some of the best and chicest outfits on an almost daily basis.

Vera Camilla

vera camilla 2


Vera Camilla is the fresh young face behind the Youtube platform Vera Camilla. Here, she posts videos about beauty, fashion and her life.

What I like about Vera Camilla is that she is super honest about the products she reviews. If she does not like a product, she will give some good arguments why not, which are very helpful to her viewers. Apart from Vera being really honest about beauty, she is also very personal in her videos. She has a good dose of humor and self-mockery, which make her videos fun to watch.

Rens Kroes

rens kroes 2


Neither a fashion nor a beauty blog, but a website dedicated to food! Rens Kroes (yes, she is Doutzen’s sister) is the guru of superfood. She has published two books and on her website, she posts tips for a healthy lifestyle.

I am not a kitchen princess (according to some, that is an understatement…) but I do love food (according to some, also an understatement…) and so I enjoy visiting Rens’ blog. She has some very original and useful tips and the look of the website is young and fresh.

Your Little Black Book

your little black book 2


On Your Little Black Book, Anne de Buck posts about travel. She writes travel guides to cities, such as Amsterdam and Antwerp, and publishes articles on her favorite hotspots.

What is great about Your Little Black Book, is to read about travel experiences. I personally love to read travel stories and to see pictures of chique hotels, sunny beaches, cute restaurants, amazing festivals and the latest hotspots.

What blogs do you like to read or follow? Did a blog (or maybe blogs!) inspire you to start your own? Let me know in the comments!