Although they starred in supporting roles, the minions stole the show in the 2010 animation film “Despicable Me”. Now they are back with their very own feature length film: “Minions”.

As the title of the film suggests, “Minions” is about the minions. The follows the life-story of these little, yellow, pill-shaped guys wearing denim overalls and black gloves. It starts during the Stone Age, where the minions began their search for the ultimate boss to serve: he must be evil, he must be invincible and he must have patience. But after centuries of searching, the minions found nothing. Three brave minions decide to try it one more time:┬áKevin, Stuart and Bob go on a journey to find their tribe the most evil boss on the planet.

Their quest takes them from New York City during the seventies, to Villain-Con in Orlando, where the minions meet Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock). In order to impress the best female super villain, the minions have to go on a different quest, one that leads them to… Great Britain?


What I really liked about “Minions”, is the fact that each of the three minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob, have their own identifiable, recognizable and surprisingly human personalities. Kevin, the tallest minion of the three, wants nothing more than to be the hero of the story. But, he is also the one that takes care of his fellow minions and is fiercely protective. The tiny minion is Bob, who is a little bit scared of the journey that is ahead of them. He carries around his teddy bear everywhere he goes and is teased by the third minion, Stuart. Womanizer, wannabe musician and overly confused: that is the best way to describe Stuart.

“Minions” features some topnotch animation. It is so incredibly detailed; you could see the texture of the minions’ black leather gloves and the denim threads on their overalls. This attention to detail makes the characters, although they are very obviously not real, more realistic and closer to the audience. Thanks to the 3D effect of the film, you feel like you could actually reach out and touch the minions jumping around on the screen.

And you will want to reach out, because “Minions” is funny and heart-warming. We already know how funny these little guys can be from “Despicable Me” and it is safe to say, the minions have not lost their spunk in their own film. Their clumsiness, their cute appearance and their high-pitched voices make for hilarious situations. Apart from the fact that “Minions” is really funny, the film is also very heart-warming. An example of such a tender moment is when Kevin wipes smut off of little Bob’s cheeks.


“Minions” is also very contemporary and a tiny bit confronting, because they use a parody on the immensely popular annual event Comic Con. In “Minions”, the event to visit is Villain Con, where every bad guy on the planet comes together to show off his or her evil super powers. Another thing that struck my attention was the fact that the minions took selfies. At one point in the film, our three heroes find themselves in a British torture dungeon. Instead of being tortured, Kevin and his consorts take ludicrous selfies with their hangman.

To me, it was fun and interesting interesting to learn more about the minion’s background story. Some questions that I had while watching “Despicable Me”, are answered. For example, we learn where the minions’ signature outfit comes from (answer: from a washing line in New York City) and how they come to serve Gru in “Despicable Me” (answer: Gru makes a special appearance in the film, which will explain everything).


The fact that the minions do not speak a fully understandable language, did bother me. Because the Official Minion Language borrows words from English, French and German, you can figure out some things that they are saying, but most of it stays a mystery. Not being able to fully comprehend what the main characters of the film are saying, gets annoying after a while.

Apart from this little annoyance, “Minions” is a very enjoyable film. It is hilarious, heart-warming, very contemporary and stunning. If you enjoyed “Despicable Me”, “Minions” is definitely a must-see for this summer!