Oelala! In just a couple of days, my mother and I are going on a road-trip through the north of France. Both of us love the waterlilies paintings by Claude Monet and so we will start our journey in Giverney, where you can visit the gardens where he painted the famous works. After that, our road-trip will continue towards the city of Rouen. Here, we will shop and visit the cathedral that Monet painted and where his works are projected on by night. For our final stop, we will drive towards Étretat, a little coastal town.

In this “What To Pack” post, you will find 10 essential items for a road-trip through France:

1. Sunglasses


When I think of France in August, I think of lots and lots of sunshine. Better pack your sunglasses! I love to wear my black Ray-Ban Wayfarers, because they have a classic look and feel.

2. Bikini


Étretat is the final stop of our road-trip, which is a little coastal town where Monet also painted some of his famous works. With the beach so close, I am tempted to take a swim in the ocean, so I am packing my bikini. I love this green one from H&M!

3. Long Jeans


Road-trips mean long car rides and during these trips, you want to stay comfortable. I suggest wearing long jeans when you have to take a long drive and this pair from Mango are in a light, classic color and fit.

4. Summer Dress

black polkadot dress

For this trip, I like to pack light and loose dresses, such as this black polka dot dress from H&M.

5. Summer Top

black flower top

When the weather is hot and sunny, the last thing you want is wear clothing that sticks to your body. I love to wear more flowing and loose tops when it is this hot and last week, I found the perfect one at Esprit. It is so beautiful, with thin straps and a silky touch, so it flows around my body like a pastel-colored flower field. And the best part: I got it for 75% off!

6. Sandals


The weather is going to be really hot and sunny, so my choice of footwear would be a pair of comfy and cool sandals. They can be worn dressy, with a dress or a skirt, but also more casual, with jeans or shorts. I fell in love with these sandals at Van Haren.

7. Breton Sweatshirt

Breton sweater

There is nothing as French as the Breton sweater. For more chilly days, or in the evenings, you can match your sweater with jeans or black shorts for that casual, yet put-together look.

8. Red Lipstick

red lipstick

Red lipstick is an iconic characteristic of the Parisienne and although we are not going to Paris on our trip, I like to add a little glamour to my look. My all-time favourite is the Rouge Velvet nr. 46 from Chanel. It is a beautiful, rich color that lasts the entire day – perfect for a day roaming around Rouen or Étretat!

9. Camera


Monet’s waterlily gardens are supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful, so naturally, I want a good camera to capture everything. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to invest in my blog and so I purchased the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ45 from a fellow student at my university. I already got an opportunity to try it out (as you can see here) and it is a very good camera, which will hopefully result in beautiful photos from my trip!

10. Backpack


With the purchase of my fabulous camera, I also needed a cool way of transportation for my new gadget. I decided I wanted a backpack, because that way I have my hands free to take photos and eat ice cream, and after some searching, my mom and I found this cute black leather backpack at V&D. It is the most perfect backpack for me, because it is black, it is small and it has silver details. And the best part: it was on sale.

As my Mom and I are leaving for our trip on Monday, there will not be any posts on Tuesday and Thursday. But do you want to follow me on my journey through France? Follow my Instagram and stay in touch! Next Saturday you can find a Photo Diary post on my adventures in France!