For some school has already begun again, some are in the middle of their introduction week of college, some are dreading the fact that summer is almost over and some are anxious to get back to studying and settle into their familiar routine of going to classes and coming home to the family away from home. I am one of those people, excited for my second year to begin. Only a couple of days left before classes start, so I made a list of five points I definitely need to do this week.

// Clean Your Room

A cliché, but o so true: clean your room before the semester starts! You know what they say, about how a cleaner room makes for a clearer mind? In my experience, this saying is actually true. I feel more relaxed when I come home from class and I find my room clean and tidy. Plus, I always feel more encouraged to sit down and study when there is actually room on my desk to do so. Another plus, I always find things I thought had disappeared forever when I clean up my room, so finding lost items is a nice bonus!

// Buy Your School Supplies


Obviously, you need school supplies to study! And who said that shopping for school stuff is boring? Loads of stores offer fun and young supplies to study, such as Hema, Urban Outfitters and V&D. Invest in some printed notebooks, colorful pens and a cool day-planner. You are going to need them! But let us not forget about another essential division of school supplies: food! Go out and buy products that help you through those long days of studying: cookies, tea, fresh fruit, chocolate – whatever you need, make sure you have it!

// Tidy Your Computer


Just like your room, your computer should be tidy before you start working on it full-time. So make yourself a cup of tea (or coffee, whatever suits you!) sit down and take a look at your folders. Are there random documents floating around in there? Put them away in the folders where they belong and organize everything. This way, you can find your documents easier and faster.

// Check Your Homework Assignments


Some teachers already publish the course outline online (as my professors do!). Be prepared before you walk into the classroom of your first class, so check if your professors indeed published the course outline already. Print it, tie it together and read it through. This way, you know what the course is about and you can prevent unwanted surprises: for example, your professor who asks you where your homework assignment is on day 1 and you have absolutely no clue what he/she is talking about. Some professors already assign tasks before the very first class starts, such as reading the first chapter or prepare a little assignments, so be prepared and check your course outline!

// Take Your Rest


While preparing for the semester, be sure to take your rest. Before you know it, you will be caught up in the whirlwind that is college, rushing from one appointment to the other, attending classes, cycling through town, catching up with friends and, of course, studying. You will need your energy! So take those last few days before school starts off, take your time, get some sleep, take walks through the town, meet up with some friends, go to the beach – just relax and recharge.