Ever since I was thirteen years old, my family and I have been going to concerts and music festivals together. Sometimes we plan them a year (or more) in advance and other times, I get a call hours before the start of a concert, asking if I have anything to do that night. That was the case last Saturday, when my Dad called me if I wanted to go see Triggerfinger at Zeeland Nazomerfestival. A couple of hours later, I found myself at one of the most beautiful festival venues in the Netherlands, dancing to Triggerfinger.

Zeeland Nazomerfestival is an annual festival that takes place in the historic town of Middelburg, The Netherlands, and as the name already suggests, it is meant to celebrate those last days of summer and to welcome fall. The final days of August and the first of September are full with events, from theatre to music and from dinners to workshops. Last year I went to see Kensington, Blaudzun and Dotan and those were concerts I will never forget. Both because of the artists and the location. The concerts take place on the Abbey Square in Middelburg, a historical setting surrounded by the strong and majestic walls of the Abbey. The walls are beautifully lit and the old square transforms into a real festival setting, with a cocktail bar, coffee stand and fries kart.

Last Saturday, I went to see Triggerfinger, a band that is known for their husky Belgian accents, relentless guitars, sexy suits and shrieking voices. I saw them perform twice at Pinkpop Festival and I am always in awe of their charm, wit, energy and enthusiasm.

Those were the exact characteristics of Triggerfinger’s performance at Zeeland Nazomerfestival. They played tight as ever, charming the audience with songs from both their latest album, such as “By Absence Of The Sun“, “Big Hole” and “And There She Was Lying In Wait“. Naturally, Triggerfinger set out to please their audience by playing long-time favorites, like “All This Dancing Around” and “Let It Ride“. Near the end of the performance, the band also played one of my personal favorites, “My Baby’s Got A Gun“, a 10 minute epos building up to the ultimate finale of a shrieking frontman Ruben Block and thundering guitars.

There were some surprises to Triggerfinger’s performance. The first was that they did not play the track that brought the band fame, a phenomenal cover of Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers“. Triggerfinger covered this song at Dutch radio station 3FM a while ago, with tea cups, a knife and Block’s voice. It became a hit, but not at Zeeland Nazomerfestival. Probably the right decision, because Triggerfinger might have gained fame with that cover, but their own material has so much more to offer. The band showcased just how much with their performance, but treated the audience with one other cover, Rihanna’s “Man Down“. It turned out to be the perfect, sensuous finale to a phenomenal performance.

Scroll down to see some photos of the concert! The photos in this post were made by my sister Jade, boyfriend and myself. Enjoy!







Yesterday I also went to see Kovacs perform at Zeeland Nazomer Festival. You can find a photo diary and a review on her performance on Almost Famous Writer this Thursday. But do you want to visit Zeeland Nazomerfestival in person? You can buy tickets for performances of Jett Rebel, Mister and Mississippi, and Novastar here!