Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted was to wear dresses. I watched the Disney princesses in their stunning gowns, Kate marrying William in her Alexander McQueen dress and possibly every episode of “Say Yes To The Dress” there is. To me, dresses are the ultimate piece of clothing.

Dresses do not make the outfit, they simply are the outfit.

Every opportunity I have to dress up, I take. From christmas parties to glamorous galas: I love it. Tomorrow, it is time to put on my most elegant dress and highest heels, because tomorrow the official Opening Gala of the international film festival Film By The Sea takes place.

The dresscode is black tie, which means chique – très chique. For men, this means wearing a tux (preferably black), with a tie (also preferably black). For women, this means wearing a beautiful evening gown. The keywords of the black tie dresscode are elegant, glamorous and picture perfect.

In this blog post, I will share my outfit for tomorrow’s gala together with useful tips which might help you when you are preparing for a gala or a formal event. As you will notice, the photos are somewhat mysterious; they do not show you the whole picture. That is because I want my entire look to be a surprise…

// The Dress


As I am quite short, finding a floor length evening gown was not an easy task. Long dresses are just too… long for me and I do not want to wear a cocktail dress, so I continued my search and eventually my mother spotted a dress. She sent me a text, “Something for you?”, with the picture of a stunning dress. As you can see in the photo above, the flower has a flower print, with bright spots of red and orange, subtle dots of indigo and cream-colored flowers to finish it.

// The Make-Up


The theme of the gala is “Royal”, so I want my make-up to have a regal feel to it. For the eyes, I am going for a golden eyeshadow, combined with a subtle smokey eye to really define the eyes. To finish my look, I will add some red color on my lips. My hand-eye correction is not stellar, so my friend Annick is going to help me create the look I want!

// The Hair


Michelle Williams is the perfect source of hair inspiration for me, because she and I have the same face shape: round, with soft features. Whatever looks good on Michelle, should work on me (theoretically speaking, there have been exceptions…). I love this loose yet regal-looking up-do, with the soft curls on the side of her face and the side-swept bangs to make sharpen her soft features.

// The Shoes


My aunt Greta has the best style. She is my personal style icon and her wardrobe is the one I dream about at night. Every once in a while, I get to peek inside the incredible collection of style. For example, when I can borrow something fancy for a gala! These gorgeous SuperTrash shoes are borrowed from her and although they are sky-high (and therefor a tiny bit difficult to walk on!), I will cherish every moment I spend in them, because they are so beautiful!

// The Purse


This Karen Millen purse is also borrowed from Greta. The organic print on the purse matches perfectly with the flower print on my dress. What I love about this particular bag, is the depth of the print; it looks rich and has a more natural feel to it.

// The Jewelry


Greta and I also have the same taste in jewelry: strictly silver, combined with black elements. These dangling earrings and sturdy bracelet are both from Swarovski and I think that they will go perfectly with my dress!

Curious to see my entire look? Be sure to check in on Almost Famous Writer the upcoming days, because not only will I post about the gala, I will also share my experience as an International Student Jury member with you! Do you want to keep up to date on my adventures at Film By The Sea? Be sure to follow my Instagram!