Sparkling dresses, bitterballen and a whole lot of Britishness: those are the key words of my Friday night. Yesterday night was the official opening of Film By The Sea 2015, the annual international film festival in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. It is the night where film fanatics, dress-up divas and haute humans of Zeeland gather to celebrate the start of the festival week. After an introductory talk from the main organizer of the festival and a toast with a glass of bubbly prosecco, it was time for the Opening Film.


This year, it was “A Royal Night Out”. And it was quite a special screening, because it was the Benelux premiere of the film – a royal night indeed! The film follows the story of the young British princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, and their unforgettable night out on V.E. Day, 1945. The war officially ends and the town of London is euphoric: reason enough for the two princesses to go out and celebrate! A heart-warming, hilarious and well-crafted adventure follows, from the darkest of night clubs to the breakfast table of Buckingham Palace.

Boyfriend and I were invited as part of the International Student Jury, an entirely new reviewing body of the film festival. For a full week, we gather at the cinema every night after school, to watch films and review them afterwards. The goal of this is to broaden each other’s views, learn how to look at film more critically, enjoy works from different film-makers from various cultural backgrounds and to decide which film wins the International Student Jury Award!


Do you wanna keep up-to-date with my adventures at Film By The Sea 2015? Every day you will find a new post online about my day as an International Student Jury member, with reports of the films and workshops. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, and make sure you do not miss anything!