On the fourth day of our adventure as judges for the International Student Jury, we saw two films that I both actually really liked – which is a first! One of the films was a terrible beauty, with stunning imagery and a deeply emotional story, whereas the other one featured a story that we have seen before, but never quite like this…

// The Gulls (2015)

the gulls still

The first film of the evening was “The Gulls”, a terrible beauty. The film follows the story of a tiny fisherman’s village in the coldest and loneliest parts of Russia, and how it is controlled by the icy and the unstoppable winter. Fish needs to be caught, no matter what weather the men need to brave, and so they leave their wives behind, who spend their days waiting for their return. But one day, they do not. We follow the personal story of Elza, one of the fisherman’s wives, who struggles with her marriage as well as the disappearance of her husband.

I really enjoyed “The Gulls”, because it a film that haunts its audience. It stays with you, because of the beautiful yet terrifying imagery and touching story. It is a very still film, a slow film, but grasps your attention and does not let go until the stunning final scene. A truly terrible beauty.

// The Wednesday Child (2015)

wednesdaychild still

The second film of the day was a film we have all seen before, but never quite like this. The story of a rebellious teenage mother fighting for custody over her child, has been filmed at least a thousand times before. But “The Wednesday Child” is different. You cannot take your eyes off the screen, once you laid eyes on the main character of the film, Maja, a beautiful young girl trying to get a chance at a better life. She gets it, but the complications might be far more severe…

“The Wednesday Child” is different from all the other films we had seen as the International Student Jury, because this film was just purely entertaining. You did not have to think about possible symbolisms, or stare at a woman doing her laundry for five minutes straight or close your eyes because you simply cannot handle dog fights pictured on screen – “The Wednesday Child” was an enjoyable watch, with very impressive and engaging performances. The film touches you, makes you feel something, because you can actually relate to it.

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