The fifth day was our final day of the International Student Jury, with our final film to review, “Da Dog Show”. After having seen eight films in total, we gathered to decide upon our top 3 of films!

// Da Dog Show (2015)

da dog show

I cannot say I really liked “Da Dog Show”. The film follows the story of Sergio and his two children, who live in a cemetery in Manila. They perform dog shows to support themselves, but money is not their only struggle. Sergio’s wife has left him and took their youngest son with her. He wants to get Eddie Boy back, but this might lead to even more issues…

Somehow, “Da Dog Show” never managed to grab my attention – perhaps because I could not relate to the main characters, or because there were too many questions unanswered, or because there was not really a point to the film. There was no character development, no goal that was reached or not, no hidden message behind the story – nothing. This bothered me, because I simply was not interested.

However, there was one aspect of the film that I did appreciate and that was the character of Celia, Sergio’s daughter. There was one scene, where she was hiding out in an abandoned tomb, and imagined herself as a princess. She was wearing a pink dress, while combing her long, shiny hair and picking out handbags. This shows the audience that Celia was really a child, despite the fact that she 27 years old. In her mind, she was still a child and all she wanted was to be princess. This really touched me and I would have liked to know more about it, such as the cause of her infancy, but unfortunately, this was never explained.

After watching “Da Dog Show”, the International Student Jury gathered for the ultimate discussion: the top 3 of our favorite films and, of course, the ultimate winner of our award. After a heated discussion (I have to admit, my inner Harvey Specter kind of took over), we as a group decided on the following top 3:

Tomorrow, my report of our official award ceremony, where we announced our winner, will be published on Almost Famous Writer! So be sure to check in and find out which film we crowned the best!