Our time as the first ever International Student Jury has come to an end, but not before we announced our winning film during not one, but two award ceremonies…

// Youth and International Student Jury Award Ceremony

On Thursday September 17, both the Youth Jury (for students between the age of 15 and 21, where 25 youths spend an entire week together and review in total 10 films) and the International Student Jury distributed their prizes during a special Award Ceremony. Here, we as an International Student Jury, introduced ourselves as a reviewing collective in front of the cinema screen, facing the entire audience. We introduced our chosen top 3 films, starting with “The Wednesday Child“. After that, Boyfriend stept forward towards the microphone and introduced our chosen second place, “The Gulls“. Finally, I was the one that got to present our winner, “Viaje“.

award ceremony

// FBTS Award Ceremony

The next day, on Saturday, the official Award Ceremony took place, where the most important prizes of the festival are distributed. Again, the Youth Jury and the International Student Jury presented the winners of their award, and this time I was the only one to speech in front of the entire audience, because I present the winner. With my heart pounding in my chest, I stepped into the bright lights and spoke into the same microphone Jan Mulder and Adriaan van Dis (two Dutch authors and presenters of awards) would also spit into:

“I think we all know what it is like to fall in love. Meeting someone new, feeling a spark firing up between the two of you, acting upon the passion and discover each other. This is the same exact feeling we as an International Student Jury experienced when we saw “Viaje”. As a group, we fell in love with this spontaneous and charming film from Costa Rica, which is why we decided “Viaje” deserves to win our International Student Jury Award. 

The film shows you a chapter of life, where two people collide and spend no more than three days together. The story was unexpected, but most of all it was very realistic and honest. Love is not always romantic and it does not always have a “happily ever after” – and “Viaje” shows us this idea in a beautiful, funny and touching way. The entire film is shot in black and white, and because color has been drawn out of the images, you can focus more intensely on the characters and the dialogue. Pedro and Luciana, the two main characters, become the ultimate focus of the film. As a viewer, you only have eyes for these two, very much like the two lovers themselves. The relationship between Pedro and Luciana is passionate, spontaneous and honest, as is the relationship between us as a jury and the film. 

Pedro and Luciana might not have a “happily ever after”, but “Viaje” certainly does, because it has won the International Student Award 2015!

After the Award Ceremony, we were invited to the final dinner at Hotel Arion in Vlissingen. Fancier than fancy, we sat down out a perfectly made up table, with our name cards on there, and enjoyed a fabulous dinner with Zeeuwse specialties, such as mussels, babbelaars and zeekraal.

And so the end for us as an International Student Jury arrived. A lot has been learned, a lot of new people have been met and a lot of new memories have been made – an experience to never forget!

From Tuesday onwards, the usual Almost Famous Writer will resume, with posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, so be sure not to miss any posts on film, music, literature, fashion and travel by coming back to the blog!