Tomorrow, the 23rd of September, marks the official start of Fall. Leaves will fall off the trees and fly through the sky, while we curl scarves around our necks and say goodbye to Summer. Not just the season, the wardrobe too, because a new time of year means bringing out new pieces of clothing or combining different pieces to create new outfits.

Almost Famous Writer has lined up the ten hottest trends for the upcoming season, from big boots to skinny scarves. On the left, you see the runway example, by the biggest designers, while on the right you can find equivalents to the trends from affordable high street brands.

// Bling! Bling!

Good news for lovers of sparkly, feminine and prominent jewelry: you can add sparkles to your heart’s content, because this fall the more jewelry you add to your outfit, the better.

// Textured Tights

As seen on the Rebecca Minkoff runway, textured tights are a must-have accessory this Fall. You can use them to spice up any outfit, matching them with leather shorts, a midi-dress or a skirt, and the best news of all: you can just buy them at H&M!

// High Waists

Create a sexy and slim silhouette with high-waisted trousers. Wether they are more dressy, like Jason Wu featured on his runway, or more skinny such as the ones you can buy at H&M – they all suit this fall’s trend.

// Big Boots

A couple of seasons back, the Chelsea boot was all the rage and this Fall, the shoes make a comeback. Ankle boots are completely on trend, especially the sturdier and tougher boots.

// Sexy Suits

Who says suits can only be worn by Harvey Specter and his well-dressed and well-spoken consorts? This season, suit up in a more classic gray uniform, or play around by combining shorts with a tuxedo jacket and heels.

// Skinny Scarves

An item that was well-spotted at multiple catwalks, such as Temperley London’s, was the skinny scarf. Narrower and longer than your usual scarf, this item is more an accessory than a means to keep you warm. Add a twist to your outfit with a skinny scarf in a bold color or an unusual print!

// Modern Military

Michael Kors showcased a tougher look for this Fall at his runway. Long, military coats with flashy buttons, natural colors and sturdy boots are the key items for a tough, yet sophisticated look. At H&M, you can find the perfect pair of pants to create your own modern military look.

// Preppy Plaids

This Fall is the time to release your inner preppy Blair Waldorf style and break out those plaids. As seen on the Vivienne Westwood, you cannot overdo plaids, whether you wear a plaided coat or a statement dress.

// Bold Boho

When you think of Fall, you think of the leaves turning from green to orange, yellow and red. Those colors mark the palette of this season’s wardrobe, creating a warm and bohemian feel.

// Playful Playsuits

Playsuits are a much beloved piece of clothing to wear during the Summer, but luckily, you can wear them again this Fall! Match your playsuit with thick tights and a vest, and you have created the perfect Fall outfit.

What do you think of this fall’s trends? Will you be wearing textured tights or dressing up in a modern military style? Or are you not one for trends and are you starting your own trend? Let me know in the comments!