I am a girl who loves bling. When I walk past a store and I see something shimmering at me from behind the glass, I cannot help but look at it. When I wear some dangling earrings or shiny bracelets, I instantly feel more glamorous, like a polished version of myself. That does not mean that I do not own jewelry that is really important to me – quite the contrary actually. On a daily basis, I wear a lot of jewelry and not for the sake of looking glamorous (although it is a marvelous feeling), but because these shiny pieces mean something to me.


On my right hand, I wear two silver rings. The one on my ring finger is the most precious one, because every time I catch a glittering glimpse of it, I think of my Mom. When I turned 15 years old, she said I could pick out any kind of ring I wanted, to symbolize my birthday and me growing up. It was a dream coming true, me hovering through the stores with their soft and fluffy floors, the pristine glass protecting the shiny rings and earrings and bracelets and watches and necklaces. I imagined myself running from store to store, trying on every possible ring until I would fine The One. But life is a funny thing, and as it turned out, I fell in love in the first store my Mom took me to.


The ring with the purple stone is a little less epic of a story, but not less meaningful. My family and I would go on holidays to Great Britain and during the specific summer, we took our hippie van to Cornwall. Here, we visited little villages and coastal towns and possibly every book store Cornwall has, but also a jewelry store in Falmouth. Here, my sister and I both bought the same ring, only hers is a tiny bit smaller to fit her tiny bit smaller fingers and has a white stone, instead of my purple one. To me, it means that my sister and me are tied together for life, as family, friends and ringsies.


On my left hand, I wear one single, simple silver ring, around my middle finger. It is shaped as a lemniscate, which stands for infinity, endlessness, the art of going on. Besides the fact that it looks pretty and that is was on sale, the ring also spoke to me on a deeper level. It stands for never giving up and always keep fighting for what I want.

And what I want, is to be a writer. As clear and simple as that. It is a dream I have had since I was a young girl and I never gave up on it. I never really acted upon it either, which drastically changed in 2013, when I entered an art competition in the Netherlands and submitted one of my written pieces, which I would have to perform before an actual alive and breathing audience. With no expectations and my heart full of fear and excitement, I climbed that stage and performed my piece. Up until that moment, it was the scariest and most exhilarating experience of my life. And that was only the start of it, because I won – I was asked to come on stage and accept my award and a place in the national finals. I do not think I have ever been as proud of myself as I was in that moment, with quenched eyes against the bright lights and my lips, that could not stop smiling.


Part of my prize was money and my Mom came up with the idea of buying something that would remind me of that moment when they said my name and I felt the heaviness of the award in my hands. I had been looking for a new watch and so with my prize money, I bought myself a beautiful, silver and sparkly watch from Esprit – with loads of bling.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

is one of my favorite film quotes, but I realized that it is not true. I do not own diamonds, nor would they be my best friends if I did. I gasp for air by the sight of a Tiffany box as much as the next girl does and I love wearing my jewelry every single day, but that does not mean I value them and everything they represent more than I value real and true and warm friendships. My sister and I are not bound by the fact that we were the same rings, nor do I need a sparkly ring to make me feel connected to my Mom, nor do I need a silver watch to remind me of my passion – the things my jewelry represent go deeper. The rings on my fingers and the watch around my wrist are merely tokens I carry with me, memories and thoughts transformed into metal reminders. I would say a girl’s best friends, are her best friends.



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