Endorphins – what are they and where to get them? When I think of endorphins, I think of exercising, of running twenty miles and afterwards feel absolutely exhausted but also really good (I have never actually ran twenty miles, but rumour has it, exercise is healthy for you). But as it turns out, my knowledge on endorphins and the healthy lifestyle are kind of limited. Okay, very limited. Luckily, my aunt Sandra is a serious expert on the matter and provides me with some good advice on how to boost my endorphin level!

Endorphins are natural chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. These neurotransmitters deliver intense pleasure and the best thing is, they are already in your head! The only thing you have to do to unlock these “feel-amazing” chemicals, is to activate them.

Some tips to boost your endorphin level and to make you feel, naturally, amazing:

// Eat chocolate!


Seriously, eating chocolate makes you feel better, because cocoa gives your body a boost of endorphins. Obviously eating a whole bar of chocolate is not the best thing for you (hello, calories!), but eating a decent proportion of chocolate can help you feel better.

// Smell that lavender!


Apparently, smelling lavender is, apart from very relaxing and very nice, also good to increase your endorphins! So light those lavender-scented Ikea candles, invest in some lavender-plants for your room or locate the nearest lavender-field and go outside!

// Exercise!


It seems we cannot escape exercise if we want to boost our endorphins. During exercise, you naturally produce the feel-good stuff that are endorphins. Of course you do not have to go run for hours, you can also just take a relaxing walk or cycle somewhere.

// Be in love!


Be in love like Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl, be in love with books, be in love with your favorite film, be in love with writing, creating – anything! You notice how happy you are when you are in love? Yep. Endorphins.

// Think positive!

positive thinking

Positive thinking is a powerful thing, and as Finding Nemo‘s Dory is illustrating here, you just have to think positive and believe everything is going to be alright. And you will see, it will – or at least physically, because your brain will create more endorphins.

// Laugh!

gilmore girls poodles

It is as simple as that, just laugh! Watch some “Gilmore Girls“, read Miranda Hart’s autobiography or just hang out with your friends. Anything that makes you laugh, is enough for your brains to boost your endorphin level!

// Sunshine!


The ultimate method to combine two ways of boosting your endorphin level: take a walk while it is sunny outside!

// Meditation!


Calm down, relax and meditate – it is good for your mind and body. For your mind, because it will help you relax and clear mind and for your body, because the meditation helps you produce endorphins, which will then lead to you feeling even better!

// Eat your favorite food!


You recognize that feeling of utter happiness when you can set your teeth into your favorite pizza? That is right, there are endorphins at work there!

// Do what you love!


Whether it is running twenty miles or knitting (or coloring, in my case), do what you love! Just knowing and experiencing that you are doing what you love and enjoying it fully, is enough to get your brain to produce more endorphins – which then leads to that ultimate feel-good burst!

This post was written with the help of Sandra van der Moere, founder of Yet Lifestyle Coaching. More information about her and her practice can be found here!