We say “thank you” way too less when it actually matters and we say it way too much when it does not matter at all. What I noticed, is that we have a lot to be grateful for, we just do not notice them anymore, because they have become so normal to us. So today, I am looking around and writing down everything that makes me grateful, whether it is a life-changing thing or just a tiny thing that makes me smile.

The 10 things I am grateful for are:

// Mona pudding is in the Bonus at Albert Heijn!


99 cents, people. Go get them.

// Mid-Terms are almost over!


Only two more to go!

// I have had zero sleepless nights after watching “Crimson Peak“!


The curse of the horror film has been lifted… phew.

// My room is all clean again!

clean room

Okay, maybe not entirely. But I am grateful I am in the process of cleaning my room (and that during midterms!).

// This week, Boyfriend and I celebrate our (sort-of) 1 year anniversary!


This Saturday, during the N8VDN8, Boyfriend and I are celebrating that during that exact same night exactly one year ago, we met each other.

// Bacon!


Because, bacon.

// It did not rain today!


Today, it is not a National Baptism Day!

// Only 16 days to go until Editors’ concert!


For my birthday, my family in law are taking me to see Editors performing in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam – and it is only 16 days away!

// My Mom sent me a bunny sticker!


I got a very good grade for my French writing exam (a 92!) and after I texted my Mom about it, she send me back this bunny sticker!

// It is almost Fall Break!

fall break

Only a couple of more days to go until Fall Break! And I have some very exciting things planned this break, such as de N8VDN8 (a photo diary post will be up on the blog next Tuesday!), my driving exam, a day-trip to Antwerp with Annick, a visit to the dentist (oh, joy!) and a day-trip with Boyfriend!

The second part is a little different and should be about expressing gratitude towards those around you. So here are my 3 “thank you’s” to 3 different people:

// The cashier at the supermarket

She was very nice and very patient while I was trying to retrieve my Bonus Card from my wallet and I thanked her for that.

// Boyfriend

Boyfriend made me a lovely lunch yesterday and as a way of saying thank you, I made him dinner.

// My Mom

I thanked my Mom for sending me a bunny sticker, because it made me laugh.

What are you grateful for? Do you ever notice how many things we have and experience, that we should be grateful for? And, most importantly, we should let those around us know how much we appreciate them? Let me know in the comments!