Keeping a diary is one of the most difficult things there is. Starting one, however, is one of the easiest. I am kind of an expert on the matter, because every time I buy a beautiful new notebook, I promise myself this time I am going to write in my diary every single day. Before I go to bed, I promise myself, I write about my day, what I have done, what I have experienced, who I have met, how I felt – everything.


Unfortunately, this is a promise I keep breaking. I try to keep it up and I manage – for a day or two. Then I just forget or I do not feel like it or I think that I do not have anything valuable to write down. This while that is not true, because everything I experience in a day should be valuable to me. Whether that is getting a good grade or doing my laundry or getting lunch with my friends. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant events might be, they still deserve to be remembered. That is why I decided to keep a diary again – and this time, keep up writing in it.


My favorite notebooks are from Paperblanks, because they look incredibly beautiful and the paper is very thick. I personally always really like this, because it makes me feel as if these thick pages can carry my memories and thoughts more easily, and the beautiful cover is always a nice plus.