Today is the day of watching scary films in the dark with your pillow covering your eyes (if you need some watching suggestions, “Crimson Peak” is definitely worth the sleepless nights!), of pumpkins with carved grins and smiley faces, of ghost stories being told and of countless creepy parties to take place all over the world: today is Halloween! Next Tuesday, my university will host their annual Halloween Party and in this post, I will take you through my outfit…

// The Costume

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This year, I decided to go as a flapper girl! The Roaring Twenties are my absolute favorite decade, “The Great Gatsby” is one of my favorite films and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan is one of my go-to fashion icons. The choice was simple. Inevitable, really. So I’m putting on my Gatsby-inspired flapper dress, which I bought at H&M about 1,5 year ago. It still fits like a glove. I will wear my flapper dress with matching black Mary-Janes (what else?!) and over-the-top jewelry, like dramatic earrings, long necklaces, glimmering bracelets and, of course, a headpiece Daisy Buchanan would be jealous of…

// The Hair


Carey Mulligan has the most perfect bob hairstyle in “The Great Gatsby” and she was one of the reasons I cut my hair this short a couple of years ago. Right now I am in the long and torturous process of growing it (I seriously do not have the patience for this…), but with some creative styling, I could still wear it like this. But of course the key element to this hairstyle is the sleekness of it, plus the adorable hairpin.

// The Make-Up

Last but least, the make-up! I stumbled upon this tutorial by Michelle Phan and I love it. For my Halloween Party on Tuesday, I will probably use a slightly toned down version of this look, because I’m not that much of a hero when it comes down to make-up. But what I will do is really accentuate my eyes with more dark make-up and, of course, add a popping red lipstick!

But, is your Halloween Party tonight and do you need some last-minute outfit inspiration? I listed stores that sell fun and affordable Halloween-inspired lines!

// Xenos

I think already in the beginning of October, Xenos displays its Halloween collection and it includes costumes, candles, lightning strings, candy and a whole lot more. And the best part: there is now a 50% sale on all Halloween items!

// H&M

H&M has a very nice collection with very affordable items to wear this Halloween, such as a bat-suit (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like), a butterfly dress and a panda onesie.

// New Look

At New Look, you can find items that are Halloween-inspired, but that you can also easily wear again. Their collection includes a lot of items with lace, fringes and leather, which are also perfectly appropriate to wear outside of Halloween season!