Where do I even start? I think I should start 9 months ago, when my little sister Jade started working on her short film “Where We Belong”. She enrolled in a competition by Cavak, a foundation for audiovisual amateur art, where people can pitch their ideas for a short film, in the hope that they are chosen to actually turn that idea into a film. Jade was one of the three chosen ones to develop their idea from a simple story into an incredible work of art.

After she was chosen, months of workshops and preparation took place. She learned everything, from scriptwriting to budgeting to casting to directing, and this Summer, Jade and her team of film fanatics finally got the chance to turn all the hard work of the previous months into a film. It took four days to film everything and after that, another two months to edit the film, add the soundtrack, work on the sounddesign and color grade the images.

And yesterday, the final step of the epic process was there: the premiere of all three Cavak films. The four directors were welcomed by a roaring applause at Cine City in Vlissingen, where their films were screened on a real film screen, before friends and family. At the end of the evening, a jury would declare the winner of the Golden Starfish, which would be distributed to the best film.


“Where We Belong” is of course Jade’s film, but as she said herself during the premiere, she could not have done it without her cast and crew. One of the most beautiful aspects of the evening was that her entire crew was asked to come forward, to stand beside her in front of the gigantic film screen and she had the biggest crew out of the three films. Jade’s crew was very much a family of its own, a close-knit group of film fanatics who helped her to realize her dream.

It was beautiful to see how excited and enthusiastic everyone was to help Jade with “Where We Belong”. My Dad helped during the shooting days in the Summer and he has a cameo in the actual film, while my Mom supported my sister at home. My godfather features as one of the characters in the film, on a photo that I took of him. Boyfriend made the breathtakingly beautiful soundtrack for the film (which you can listen right here!), the main character was stunningly portrayed by a long-time friend of Jade’s, while other of her friends helped with the storyboard and set dressing and so much more.

For Jade, being able to make her film was already a prize. But the fact that her film, “Where We Belong”, won the Golden Starfish, is the extra golden cherry on top. My godfather and I started crying the second they called out her film, because Jade deserves this prize. She deserves to stand in the spotlights and she deserves to be proud of her film, and all the hard work she has put in it.

I am so incredibly, unbelievably proud of my beautiful and talented sissis, who won the price she so much deserves!