When I think of old friends, I think of multiple things. I see two old ladies drinking tea and eating biscuits, while their hair has turned silver and their hands all wrinkled. I see women who were friends in high school reconnecting, after having been apart for decades. And I see me and Papaya, one of my oldest friends.

Her real name isn’t “Papaya”, but to me, she will always be named after an exotic fruit. It all started about ten years ago, when her family and mine started taking walks together. O so conveniently, that walk passed an ice cream parlor, where we all picked our favorite flavor. One day, there was a new flavor at the parlor and it was papaya. One of us picked it, I don’t remember who and frankly it doesn’t really matter, but from that day forward, we started calling each other “Papaya”. First as a joke, and now we have adopted it as actual names for each other (I have to admit, she is listed as “Papaya” in my phone address book – it goes that far).

Papaya is perhaps my oldest friends, as in that I’ve known her the longest. In a way, we grew up together, from girls to women. We went to the same middle school, but weren’t in the same class. We went to different high schools, but graduated in the same year. We are going to different colleges now, but we stayed in the same area. It’s a strange and funny thing, but perhaps we’re still growing up together.


I hadn’t seen or spoken to Papaya in a while and so we met last week, during both of our Fall Breaks.¬†With some friends, it doesn’t matter how long you don’t see them – every time you do meet up again, it’s like almost no time has passed. That’s what it’s like with Papaya and me. No matter how long we haven’t seen each other or spoken to one another, one of us reaches out and we talk like no time has passed.

We talked about our siblings (Papaya has a little brother, I have a little sister), about our schools, about our future plans, about us being fruits (somehow it always goes back to that) and about the upcoming “The Hunger Games” film. We catch up on each other’s lives and by doing that, we connect again. Friendship is a funny, strange and beautiful thing – especially when it’s a friendship between two papayas.