Being a gentleman is not an easy task. Opening a door for a woman, not because he thinks she cannot open it herself, but because he wants to be polite, wearing nice clothes, minding his table manners, giving a woman his jacket when she is cold, complementing a women sincerely, but also, taking a woman out on date.

According to Boyfriend, a gentleman holds doors open for women, is generally kind and dresses well. That easy. Funny thing is, though, when I ask Boyfriend about me holding up doors for him or me giving him my coat when he is cold – he thinks it is a bit strange. But why, though? If holding a door open for some and giving them your coat when they’re cold is done only out of kindness, then why would it be weird if a woman did that for a man?

Boyfriend believes the answer lies in the difference between holding a door open for someone and giving them your coat. The first should be done out of politeness, whereas the second one should be, according to Boyfriend, done to protect the one you love from the cold. But then again, why would it be weird for a woman to want to protect her man from the cold? When I asked Boyfriend this question, he simply answered: “Because I’m bigger than you. More suited to face the cold. To be blunt, I have more fat.”


Don’t get me wrong, I am a great appreciator of gentlemanliness. Where some women feel offended by a man opening a door for them, I only think it is considerate and polite. I think it shows respect and I always feel valued and thought of when a man holds the door for me.

During Fall Break, Boyfriend and I went on a day-trip to Utrecht. This time, I was the gentlewoman. I might not have opened doors for Boyfriend or gave him my coat, but we did go to a nice sushi restaurant. The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach – isn’t that what they say?

What I learned is that it is okay for a woman to take a man out on a date. It does not make the man any less of a gentleman or the woman any less of a lady. In my opinion, it only makes you more of a gentleman and a lady when you are kind and polite to each other.