CHVRCHES @ Melkweg, Amsterdam (2015) // Concert Review

Last Friday, together with Boyfriend and Jade, I went to see CHVRCHES in the Melkweg, Amsterdam. With their latest album, “Every Open Eye”, fresh in my mind, it was the first time I saw this young Scottish band perform – and it definitely will not be the last!

What was really one of the most interesting aspects of CHVRCHES’ show was the difference between the songs from their first album and those of their latest, “Every Open Eye”. Songs such as “We Sink”, “Lies” and “Tether” were played more cautiously and somehow less energetic than songs from their latest album. Front woman Lauren Mayberry stood almost completely still, holding the microphone firmly between her hands in front of her face and Martin Doherty only slightly banged his head on the beat.

This stood in sharp contrast to the band’s energy during the newer songs, such as their opening track “Never Ending Circles” and “Keep You On My Side”. Mayberry moved across the entire stage, with her sturdy boots on little heightened platforms and sparkling paste-on diamonds on her face, while Doherty’s body moved like a puppet strung to his own music. It became clear that CHVRCHES felt more comfortable with their new songs than with their older ones, more liberated, even.


As diverse as CHVRCHES performance was, as diverse was the crowd at the Melkweg. Right before was a couple engaged in sensuous dancing, beer-spilling and passionately shouting, whereas right next to them stood a girl who was yawning almost continuously and a little bit further to my right was a woman who sang along with every single line Mayberry dropped.

Despite the fact that the concert only lasted 1,5 hours, CHVRCHES still managed to make every second count. They performed with passion and conviction, and seemed to truly go up in their own music. Mayberry’s high-pitched, at times even fragile, voice sounded crystal-clear in the packed Melkweg, and Doherty and Cook’s electronic sounds were as sharp as cut glass.

A short, but incredibly tight and passionate performance by CHVRCHES. I’m very curious to see how this young band will develop, but I’m very certain that they will do great things.



The photos featured in this post were shot by Rachael Wright during CHVRCHES’ concert in Brussels. 

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  1. Nice review of CHVRCHES show in Amsterdam. Songs from The Bones of What You Believe are still performed in quite the same way these days but yes Lauren’s stage presence on the new tour and songs are phenomenal with all the fist bumping, head banding and twirling. We love her new found confidence on stage but still enjoy all their music and how the songs are performed. She has her own unique style but has also blossomed in a true star right alongside her band mates Iain Cook and Martin Doherty.

    1. Thank you! I completely agree with you on Lauren’s confidence on stage, it is truly amazing to watch.

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