As a child, December 5 was one of my favorite days of the year: Sinterklaas. We would spent the entire evening unwrapping presents, eating pepernoten and laughing at our dog, who would tear the wrapping paper to a million pieces. At the end of the night, the ground would be covered in paper chips, transforming our living room in a winter wonder land.

Today, I am traveling to Rotterdam to spend Sinterklaas with Boyfriend’s family and I can’t help to think about my own family. About me. And about the things I still want to do, still want to experience. I wrote down the 10 things I still want to do in my bucket-list:

// Travel


Travel everywhere, see everything – experience the world we live in. For me, I don’t have to fly to faraway lands to call the experience “travel”. Even a 30 minute drive to Antwerp, Belgium is an adventure.

// Love unconditionally


Love as fiercely and unconditionally as I do now. Love my family, my friends, junk food, music festivals, Christmas and cookies.

// Become a published author someday


One day, I would like to turn all those stories scrabbled down in notebooks to turn into real books. Actual novels that people can hold in their hands, smell the heavy paper and enjoy the stories and characters I created so long ago.

// Make a lot of pretty photos


The world is strangely beautiful, when you bother to look. I want to see so much more of it and of course lock beautiful views like these into photographic images.

// Spend as much time with my family as humanly possible


With this crazy bunch as a family – who wouldn’t want to spend as much time as possible with them? Side note: this isn’t even everyone.

// Graduate college


This is how I looked the day I graduated from high school – I only hope to repeat this image when I graduate from college in 1,5 year (!).

// Get my driver’s license


After almost two years of practice, I would really like to get my driver’s license and tour the country in cute little Italian cars like this one.

// Laugh every day

Paris 2014

Laugh every single day; it doesn’t matter about what.¬†Whether I laugh about my own jokes (I admit, I do this quite often) or out of utter happiness – as long as I get to laugh each and every single day.

// Work at a fashion magazine


One of my ultimate life goals: get a job at a fashion magazine. Whether that is graphic design, or media manager, or writer, or PR – I’ll take it. It’s one of my most precious dreams: to one day create the very things I have enjoyed reading for so long.

// Visit music festivals every single summer


It has been a tradition since I was 11 or 13 years old: visit music festivals with my family and friends. It is also a tradition that I would like to continue for as long as possible.