Only a few days until the end of the semester and I can’t wait. This week-end, I am traveling with my high-school friends Anouk and Friederike to Saarbrücken, Germany, where we are visiting Lisa!

While we are in Saarbrücken, we will be visiting the (in)famous Christmas Market! I have never really been to one, but I imagine twinkling lights everywhere, drinking glühwein and apparently flying reindeer…?

Here you find the 10 items that are one my packing list! Interested in a penguin Christmas sweater or star-studded boots? Click on the images to go to the online stores!

// Christmas Sweater

christmas sweater

Visiting a christmas market is the ultimate excuse to wear a cheesy christmas sweater. This one from H&M is both cheesy and sparkly, but will keep you warm while strolling the market.

// Camera


With all the twinkling lights, christmas sweaters and flying reindeers going on, I simply have to take some pictures. As usual, I’ll be taking my Panasonic Lumix camera with me!

// Boots

rain boots buy

This boots will not only keep your feet warm and dry, they also look very festive! You can buy these star-studded boots at HEMA!

// Warm Hat


If you really want to go all Christmas crazy, this hat from H&M will be perfect for you.

// Jeans


While strolling the christmas market, you want to be comfortable. These dark-blue, straight-cut jeans from C&A are the perfect choice!

// Lip Balm

lip balm

Being outside in the cold for a long time is dangerous for your lips. Luckily, Beauticology releases a christmas-inspired line every single year, with the ultimate products to keep your lips soft and healthy.

// Socks


Even your feet can go all Christmas, with these cute socks from C&A. Plus, those Christmas cats will keep your feet nice and warm during all the strolling.

// Backpack


I love this backpack from V&D! I used it during my road trip through France with my Mom (read all about my adventures here!) and now I use it every single day for school. When going to a Christmas market, a back pack can be very handy because you will have your hands free for glühwein, pretzels and taking photos.

// Gloves


Keep your hands warm with these, also slightly cheesy, Christmas gloves from H&M!

// Friends

Tuscany 2012

Now that you have packed all of your stuff, there is only one more thing you need: your friends!