Christmas Market in Saarbrücken // Photo Diary

Last week-end, I travelled to Saarbrücken, Germany, with my friends Anouk and Friederike, to visit Lisa. While we were there, we visited the Christmas market of Saarbrücken, with all its delicious food (Flammkuchen! Currywürst! Pretzel! Crêpes!), its traditional drinks (Beer! Glühwein!) and its twinkling lights.

Join me as I look back on an amazing week-end with my friends!


Traditionally for German Christmas markets are Lebkuchen, which are a kind of gingerbread cookies, but then with a special message. They are sold everywhere, in booths that look like gingerbread houses, and carry a special message for your loved one.


During Christmas, everything in Saarbrücken is decorated in the most beautiful way. Here you can see the Europa Galerie, one of the biggest shopping centers in the city, where you can both enjoy all the Christmas decorations and shop ’till you drop at stores like H&M, Mango and Triumph.


We had drinks at the Brasserie, which is a restaurant located on the busiest street of Saarbrücken, the Bahnhofstraße. Here you can get your typical Deutsches Beer, but also hot chocolate and coffee to warm yourself up after strolling around the Christmas Market.


All over the town of Saarbrücken, you will find booths with glühwein, Christmas hats, sausages, beer and crêpes, but this store was the cherry on top: a little house of which every nook and cranny was filled with Christmas tree adornments, from shiny balls in every single color to Santa himself: everything you could possibly need in your Christmas tree, can be purchased here!




The one thing you must do when you’re visiting the Christmas market in Saarbrücken, is to see the flying Santa. Every day at 17:00 and 19:00, Santa and his reindeer fly over the town centre of Saarbrücken, waving at everyone below.



After we witnessed Santa flying over Saarbrücken, we took a walk through the city towards our dinner. This is the Town Hall, beautifully lit and looming over the people.



For dinner, we went to Kalinski, the best place to eat currywürst, according to Lisa. For around €7,50 you can buy a delicious currywürst in typical red sauce, with a side of spicy fries and a hipster ice tea to drink.


Saarbrücken is amazing to visit during Christmas time, with a flying Santa, countless Christmas boots, delicious food and twinkling lights everywhere. But the best part is enjoying all these Christmas wonders with your friends right by your side.



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