On the 28th of December, Boyfriend and I celebrate our 1-year anniversary – and to celebrate this, we’re going on a city trip to Bruges! Boyfriend picked this little town in Belgium because of its fairytale feel, its sparkling Christmas lights and magical bridges over quiet waters – and of course, because Bruges is known for its chocolate stores and I love chocolate.

These are the items I’m bringing to the Venice of Belgium! Click on the links to be redirected to web-shops to do some shopping and packing for your next trip.

// Warm Coat

coatTo keep yourself warm while wandering the picturesque streets of Bruges, you need a warm, but also fashionable, winter coat. A couple of months ago, I bought this more loosely fitted grey coat at C&A and it is my favorite coat.

// Scarf


Since it’s not going to be that cold, a light scarf might be better. This one from C&A has some festive sparkles, to match the Christmas lights in Bruges!

// Photo Camera


Bruges is one of the most picturesque towns I’ve ever seen, so naturally I’m bringing my Panasonic Lumix camera!

// Cozy Sweater


For Christmas I got two beautiful sweaters from my Mom and they’re already in my bag to take to Bruges! This one from H&M is perfect to wear while roaming the little streets and bridges, because it’s a lighter fabric and a looser fit.

// Backpack


As usual, I’m carrying all of my things in my V&D backpack! At New Look, you can find similar backpacks, for a nice price.

// Gloves


These dark green gloves from C&A match my scarf and coat perfectly!

// Jeans


While strolling through the magical town of Bruges, I want to be as comfortable as possible. These more loose-fitted jeans from H&M are the perfect choice.

// Good Walking Shoes

chelsea boots

I’m bringing my best walking shoes from Van Haren with me. These chelsea boots go with every outfit.

I’m fully packed for our trip to Bruges! In early January you will find a photo diary of our trip here at Almost Famous Writer.



Featured photo source: blog.superbreak.com