As 2015 is slowly but steadily coming to an end, it’s time to look back upon a year full of album releases. Some were very highly anticipated by yours truly, such as Editors’ “IN DREAM”, while others were a complete surprise, like The Weeknd’s “Beauty Behind The Madness”. Scroll down to find out my favorite albums of the past year:

// Muse – “Drones”

muse - drones

Earlier this year, Muse released their seventh studio album, “Drones”. With this record, the band channels the sound of their first two albums, which is more unpolished and more “straight-forward” rock. By going back to their roots, Muse has released their best material in almost a decade.

// Editors – “IN DREAM”


With their fifth studio album, Editors seem to continue the sound we heard on “In This Light And On This Evening” – a darker, more electronic-driven sound. “IN DREAM” is, once more, a dark album, but not made to storm the charts or become stadium anthems, as it is much more complex and experimental.

// Florence + The Machine – “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”

florence and the machine - how big, how blue, how beautiful

Four years after the release of “Ceremonials”, Florence + The Machine released their highly anticipated third album, titled “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”. Although the band’s sound has become more subtle, simpler over the years, front-woman Florence Welch still amazes with her incredible vocals. The result is an album full with elegantly performed, honest songs.

// Tame Impala – “Currents”

tame impala - currents

I’ll admit, I never really listened to Tame Impala until I heard “Currents”, the band’s third studio album. The record is filled with incredibly catchy tracks, such as The Less I Know The Better and Let It Happen, which turned Tame Impala into a real hipster phenomena. Nonetheless, “Currents” is one of the catchiest albums of 2015.

// CHVRCHES – “Every Open Eye”

chvrches - every open eye

The cover of this album alone should be in this “Best of 2015” list, because it’s so beautiful. CHVRCHES released their second album this year, and although nothing much has changed stylistically, “Every Open Eye” is clean and clever, and of incredibly high quality: the text-book example of a successful electronic pop album.

// Foals – “What Went Down”

foals - what went down

My first encounter with the band Foals was during the first edition of Down The Rabbit Hole, where the band was one of the headlining artists. Foals released their fourth studio album “What Went Down” earlier this year, and single Mountain At My Gates perfect sums up the record: catchy indie-rock tracks with a strong built-up.

// Wolf Alice – “My Love Is Cool”

wolf alice - my love is cool

Early 2016 I’m going to see Wolf Alice’s concert in Amsterdam (expect a full concert review!), where the band will perform their highly anticipated debut album, “My Love Is Cool”. With incredible tracks such as Freazy and Bros, the concert promises to be just as great as the album.

// Placebo – “MTV Unplugged (Live)”

placebo - mtv unplugged

Perhaps my favorite album of 2015: Placebo’s recording of their “MTV Unplugged (Live)” performance earlier this year. With this album, Placebo proved how inventive they really are. They completely reimagined their characteristic songs, such as 36 Degrees and Meds into completely new ones, some even better than they already were.

// Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Chasing Yesterday”

noel gallagher's high flying birds - chasing yesterday

Prior to visiting Best Kept Secret festival, I started listing to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Ballad Of The Mighty I and In The Heat Of The Moment

// The Weeknd – “Beauty Behind The Madness”

the weeknd - beauty behind the madness

My personal wildcard of 2015: The Weeknd with his second album, “Beauty Behind The Madness”. The artists stormed the charts with singles like Can’t Feel My FaceThe Hills and In The Night – and with that, released my ultimate guilty pleasure album of 2015.

These were my 10 favorite albums of 2015. What albums did you listen to?