Bye Bye 2015! // A Throwback Thursday

One of the best parts of having a blog is that at the end of the year, you can look back at all of your previous posts and travel back in time. On this Thursday, the last day of the year 2015, I’m having a little Throwback Thursday. Join me as I look back on an amazing year, with lots of concerts, countless festivals, far away and close travels, shopping sprees and beautiful moments with my friends and family.

// I started my blog


I officially started Almost Famous Writer on May 14, 2015, when I posted “What To Pack For // Edinburgh in May”. Boyfriend and I were going on our first holiday together (we’d been dating for just a couple of months) and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to air my blog. The idea to start a blog had been buzzing around my head for an awful while and I started multiple times with one, only this time, I told myself I would do it differently – and Almost Famous Writer was born.

// Me and my family went to see Royal Blood at Paradiso, Amsterdam

royal blood

One of my favorite albums of 2014 (if not my favorite) was Royal Blood’s debut album. Me and my family were so excited to go see them perform and early 2015, we went to see them in Paradiso, Amsterdam. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and so much fun to experience with my family.

// I finished my first year of college

Culture Week 2015

2014 was already a spectacular year, as it was the year I graduated from high school, moved out of my parents’ home and started college, at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, The Netherlands. But this year, 2015, was the year I finished my first year of college – the year so much had changed. I found so many great friends, I found Boyfriend, I found even more family, and I also found myself, in a certain way.

// I went to London Calling in Paradiso, Amsterdam

london calling

Boyfriend and I spontaneously bought tickets for London Calling, a two-day music festival in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Each day, we would travel there and back to Rotterdam, where we stayed over at Boyfriend’s parents’ place. It was so exciting, because of the awesome music, but mainly because it was my first concert with Boyfriend, and not with my family. In a way, it felt like a rite of passage. And it felt good.

// I went on a holiday to Edinburgh, Scotland with Boyfriend


Boyfriend and I went on our first holiday together! We’d been together for only five months, but we both love to travel and so we figured, “why not?!”. We picked my ultimate favorite city in the whole wide world: Edinburgh, the capital of the magnificent Scotland. Boyfriend took this picture you see here.

// I got a record player for my birthday


I turned 19! A couple of days before my birthday, Boyfriend and I stayed over at my parents’ place in Goes and in the evening, we went to see a film in town. When we came back, my family had decorated the entire house with balloons and flowers and pretty things – but also with presents! I got a record player for my birthday, which is not triumphantly displayed in my room in Middelburg and I make use of every time I’m home.

// Boyfriend and I went to four music festivals in a row


I’ve always loved to go to music festivals. When I was younger, I used to count the days on my calendar until Pinkpop, the first festival I ever went to with my family. Over the past couple of years, we did one festival a year, and in 2014, we spontaneously did two. But in 2015, Boyfriend and I went to four different music festivals in a row: Pinkpop, Best Kept Secret, Down The Rabbit Hole and Metropolis. We already bought our tickets for Best Kept Secret, so this year we’re going with both of our families!

// My Mom and I went on a road-trip through France


In 2013, my Mom and I went to Paris together. It was so much fun, that in 2015, we decided to go on a trip again! We both are huge fans of French impressionist painter Claude Monet, and so we went on a road trip through France, to visit places that are connected to him. We went to see the waterlily gardens of Giverny, the cathedral of Rouen and the dramatic cliffs of Étretat.

// Me and my friends went on a sea-side holiday


In 2014, I graduated from high school. It is sort of a tradition to go on a so-called “graduation trip” with your friends. So Anouk, Friederike, Lisa and I decided to take a trip to Barcelona, Spain to celebrate! A year later, we wanted to take a another trip together, only this time we stayed a little closer and enjoyed our sea-side holiday. A couple of weeks ago, we already talked about taking a trip in the summer of 2016; our own little tradition.

// I started my second year of college

second year

After a super busy, but unforgettable summer holiday (it lasted three months!!!), I went back to school, to start my second year of college. Upon my return to Middelburg, it felt like I had never left. My friends and I love to come with crazy things, so we had a hallway desert dinner, where everyone brought their favorite desert to share!

// My family and I went to see Triggerfinger at Zeeland Nazomerfestival 2015


Near the end of summer, Zeeland Nazomerfestival takes place in my hometown, Middelburg. Here, Belgium band Triggerfinger performed, and my family and I went to see them!

// Boyfriend and I participated in the International Student Jury of Film By The Sea


In September 2015, Boyfriend and I participated in the International Student Jury, which is a part of the international film festival called Film By The Sea. We watched so many films, ate even more popcorn, gave speeches about the winning film(s) and have a reunion planned with the entire group in January 2016!

// Annick and I went to the NSMBL Festival


Photo source: De Fotomeisjes

Somewhere over the summer, Annick and I both tickets to the NSMBL Festival, which is all about fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle. The theme was “Une Fête Parisienne” and just for a day, we lived in our own little Paris, right there in Amsterdam.

// Boyfriend and I celebrated that we met each other one year ago during the N8VDN8


Boyfriend once told me that we met each other on “the darkest nights of all” and in some way, he was right. We met on the final days of October 2014, during the N8VDN8 (Night of the Night), which is a street theatre festival organized all throughout the Netherlands. The city centre is extinguished of all lights, to draw attention to us wasting energy on lighting. I was performing, he came to the presentation and that’s when we met. When we look back on that night, Boyfriend says: “It was also the brightest night, because I met you.”

// Annick and I went on a shopping trip to Antwerp, Belgium


I love to travel. Whether that is taking a plane to Barcelona, or the train to  Belgium – I love it. During Fall Break, Annick and I went on a shopping spree to Antwerp, where we witnessed this beautiful scene.

// Jade made her own award-winning film


My little sister Jade made her own film “Where We Belong” over the summer of 2015 and in November, she won a prize for it! During the premiere in Cine City, Vlissingen, Jade accepted her golden starfish, and my family and I were there to witness it.

// I went to see Editors at the HMH, Amsterdam


For my birthday, I got another wonderful, wonderful present from Boyfriend’s family: tickets to go see Editors with them. In November, we went to see them perform at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam and it was just you can see on the (slightly crappy) photo: an explosion of light, color, sounds and confetti.

// I went to see CHVRCHES at the Melkweg, Amsterdam


Only one week later, Boyfriend, Jade and I went back to Amsterdam, where we saw Scottish band CHVRCHES performing at the Melkweg.

// My friends and I went to the Christmas Market in Saarbrücken, Germany


The day immediately after my Christmas gala, Anouk, Friederike and I travelled all the way to Saarbrücken, Germany, where Lisa lives. Here, we visited the infamous German Christmas Market together, laughing under the twinkling lights, smelling freshly grilled Currywurst and sipping hot Glühwein (or Kinderpunch, if you’re me).

// I celebrated Christmas three times with my family


Three times. That’s right. We started at Christmas Eve, where we gathered at my godfather’s place to have a Winter BBQ. It was delicious and so much fun! On Christmas Day, we spent time with Boyfriend’s grandparents and in the evening, we had dinner at my grandparents’ house with my family. The following day, Boyfriend and I travelled to Rotterdam, where we had another Christmas celebrations at his parents’ home. Three Christmases, but all equally special.

// Boyfriend and I went on an anniversary trip to Bruges, Belgium


On December 28, 2015, Boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary. To celebrate, we went to Bruges, Belgium, where all the Christmas lights sparkled all night long.

// My family and I will celebrate New Year’s Eve together

Last year, we celebrated New Year’s Eve in Rotterdam, but this year, we’re staying at home in Goes – nice and relaxed. We’re going to have dinner together, play boardgames (music-themed, of course!) and watch the fireworks, together.

To be quite honest, I think 2015 was the best year yet. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in 2016. Be sure to check in on Almost Famous Writer this Saturday to read about my New Year Resolutions…



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