Happy New Year! Yesterday I spent New Year’s Eve with my family in Goes. We played quizzes, ate lots and lots of oliebollen and lit hot air balloons into the midnight sky. Standing in front of our house, we could see colorful flowers of fireworks blossoming all around us.

But now, when 2016 has fully started, it is time to focus on the year ahead of us. Without much further ado, these are my new year’s resolutions…

// Work on Blogging


In 2015, I learned how much I like to blog. It’s a marvelous way to be creative and I enjoy every aspect of it. That’s why I want Almost Famous Writer to be even better in 2016! For starters, you will discover a new section on the blog in January, “Story Saturday”! Every last Saturday of the month, I will publish a piece of my own fictional writing. This┬ácan be a short story, a chapter, a character description – anything! I’ve always loved writing and now I think it’s time to share it with more eyes than just my own. Furthermore, the section “Me” is renamed to “Personal”, where you will find more personal posts about things going on in my life.

// Exercise


I’m one of the laziest people on the planet (not kidding). I love to sit on my couch or lay in bed reading a book or watching Netflix. But, no surprise there, although these activities are very relaxing, they aren’t very healthy. And I notice this in my daily life. That’s why I have decided I want to start exercising in 2016. I don’t expect to become a “fit girl” right away, but I can start slowly with yoga and walks, and build it up (if I keep up with my new year’s resolutions, that is…).

// Keep up my 2016 Mixtape


In 2014, I started a very ambitious musical endeavor: creating a mixtape and adding a song every single day. This way, at the end of the year, I would have a playlist that would sum up my entire year! In 2014, I managed to keep up. In 2015, I tried again, but I failed (miserably). So in 2016, I will try to keep it up again!

// Read more books


A bit of a contradicting thing to say after the above point, but I do want to take more time to just sit down and read in 2016. I used to love books and buy them wherever and whenever I could, something 10 at a time. And the past couple of years I didn’t do that as much. When Boyfriend and I were in Bruges, I bought two books and I’ve rediscovered how much I used to love reading – and thereby writing!

// Eat healthier


This resolution has everything to do with the fact that I feel unhealthy and that I want to work on it. Besides exercising, I also want to make sure I eat and cook healthier. A big part of that would be to eat more fruit and cook more meals with fresh vegetables, snack less unhealthy things – the whole picture.

// Keeping a journal


Every time I try and somehow, every time I fail with keeping a journal. I can keep it for a couple of weeks – tops – but after that, I lack the perseverance to write for a longer period of time. But this year, I want to have a document that I can look back to, and read all about this things that I’ve experienced, places I’ve been to and people I’ve met.

A year from now, I will look back at these resolutions and hopefully (fingers crossed!) most of them have come true. I say most of them, because history has already shown I’m not too good at keeping them. But, perhaps that is the biggest new year’s resolution: keep up with my new year’s resolutions.



Photo source: www.thehealingpresence.com