Last week the Oscar nominations were made public and the Internet had a LOT to say about them. First of all, will Leonardo DiCaprio finally win his Oscar? And secondly, why are nearly all nominees white? A lot has been said, even more has been wondered, but the real question is: who will win those desired golden statues?

“Brooklyn” definitely has a chance of winning an Oscar in February, as the new film has been nominated three times. Leading actress Saoirse Ronan is in the race for winning a prize for Best Actress in a Leading Role, while the film itself is nominated for Best Motion Picture of the Year and Best Writing. My interest was sparked – but did “Brooklyn” meet my expectations?


Yes, definitely. “Brooklyn” is a beautiful film, elegantly shot and brilliantly acted by the three leading actors. Based upon the novel by Colm Tóibín, the film follows the story of Eilis Lacey, a young woman from a small town in post-war Ireland, who immigrates to Brooklyn, New York City. She is leaving behind everything she has ever known, but builds a life for herself in America. Here, she meets Tony and the two fall in love. When a family tragedy pulls Eilis back home, she must decide: will she stay in Ireland with her family and another love interest, Jim, or travel all the way back to her life in Brooklyn with Tony?

One of the most captivating aspects of “Brooklyn” is how Eilis’ story is visually segmented into three parts. The first part, which focuses on her life in Ireland, is shot in very neutral colors, with tight frames and shots. The way it is films, visualizes the way Eilis feels in Ireland; contained and restrained, like a tropical bird locked away in a dim cage. As soon as Eiles leaves for Brooklyn, she feels more free and herself, and the color scheme of the visuals change too. Bright colors, vibrant with the upcoming of the colorful pop culture. The third and final segment occurs when Eilis returns to Ireland, where the colors become less popping, while still remaining glamorous and vibrant, symbolizing how Eilis’ character is slightly toned down, but much more confident then before she left for America. It’s a beautiful, subtle and, above all, very elegant way of portraying a character’s inner journey.


But the performances are the real treat of “Brooklyn”. Saoirse Ronan, who has been nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in “Atonement”,  is breathtaking on the screen. Her subtle way of acting fits the story and the character perfectly, while her visual presence is absolutely captivating. Her porcelain skin, high cheekbones and icy blue eyes match the bright colors of her costumes perfectly. With her Irish roots, Ronan is the perfect choice to portray Eilis. Ronan’s male co-stars, Emory Cohen as Tony and Domnhall Gleeson as Jim, both deliver great performances. Cohen as the charismatic Tony is Ronan’s perfect opposite, looking tousled and almost exotic next to Ronan’s still beauty. This while Gleeson looks like a perfect match, with the same pale skin and vague ginger hair. There’s a stark difference between both actors’ visual presence, but both their acting is very convincing and captivating.


“Brooklyn” was deservedly nominated for three Oscars; a beautiful and elegant film, with subtle yet utterly captivating. Hopefully, the film will be awarded for its timeless beauty.