In 2013, Daughter released one of the most honest and beautiful break-up albums of the year, titled If You Leave. The band, whose sound is a dreamy combination of folk and electronics, has become quite the underground name, with tracks such as “Youth” and “Smother”.

Daughter’s debut album dealt with heavily emotional themes, such as losing loved ones and struggling with a tough break-up. In that sense, the band’s new album Not To Disappear is very similar, as songs such as “Numbers” and “How” deal with broken hearts and all of the pain that comes with it. These tracks are moody and dark, yet still as sweet and epic as a fairytale.


One of the highlights of Not To Disappear is the track “Doing The Right Thing”, which is about dementia. Front woman Elena Tonra sings about what it is like to lose your loved one to this terrible disease, as she has lost her mother. In the track, she sings “In the night, I call out for my mother/but she isn’t coming back for me/cause she’s already gone”, which hits in just the right places. “Doing The Right Thing” is a beautifully honest track, with a captivating music video to match (as you can see right below).

Not To Disappear has a sound reminiscent of both The XX and Sigur Rós. The hushed, moody electronics echo the sound of The XX, with a similar soft female voice, whispering secrets into your ear. Daughter’s fairytale-like sound reminds me of Sigur Rós, with the echoing guitars, gentle strings and epic feel.

For those who enjoy music from The XX and Sigur Rós should definitely give Daughter;s Not To Disappear a listen, because of the dream-like mood and the fairy-tale sound. Because of the sound’s gentleness and subtlety, Not To Disappear is also a perfect album to listen to right now, while the sun is battling the cold of the winter and all we want, is to curl up with beautiful music and touching stories.