The Honest Hour #10 // My 21st Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 21 years old! Amidst all the craziness of graduation week – with all the parties, snacking, galas and practice walks – I celebrated my birthday. To commemorate this festive event on Almost Famous Writer, I looked back on the year since my last birthday and I listed exactly 21 highlights, including a lot of festivals, trips, press visits, finishing university and moving house.

// I became editor-in-chief of Tabula Rasa

Right at the beginning of my 20th year, I became editor-in-chief of our student magazine Tabula Rasa! Together with two amazingly beautiful and talented girls we made up the so-called daily board, which meant we discussed all things Tabula Rasa, make-up and salty comments on a daily basis.

// Trip to Rome

For my 20th birthday, Boyfriend organized a trip to Rome for us – which of course I fully documented for a photo diary on Almost Famous Writer!

// Boyfriend’s graduation

Then shortly after my 20th birthday, Boyfriend graduated from university!

// Pinkpop 2016

After years of going to Pinkpop for the weekend, I visited the Sunday of the music festival with three of my best friends.

// Best Kept Secret 2016

For the second time ever, I went to Best Kept Secret!

// CAS 2016 as a member of the press

Youran Kock

Then in the last week of June 2016, I visited Concert at Sea as a member of the press! I wrote an article for 3VOOR12 Zeeland

// Trip to Lille

As a little Summer getaway, Boyfriend and I went to Lille!

// Lowlands 2016

Just before university life started again, my family and I went to Lowlands 2016, where we saw Biffy Clyro again!

// Introweek parent

During my university’s introduction week, Annick and I became parents of 9 kids!

// Trip to Ghent

Back in October, Tabula Rasa’s daily board went on a weekend getaway to Ghent! The trip was full of shopping (hello more floral jumpsuits!), snacks (hello bagels!) and romantic boat tours.

// 2 year anniversary with Boyfriend

On December 28th, 2016, Boyfriend and I celebrated our two year anniversary!

// Trip to Groningen

To celebrate our anniversary, Boyfriend and I went to on a little weekend trip to Groningen, where we had the best and most sparkly hot chocolate ever.

// IFFR 2017

As a little tradition, Boyfriend and I visit the International Film Festival Rotterdam together. This year we watched two films, of which you read the reviews right here.

// Grauzone 2017

In those cold Winter months, we went to Grauzone 2017.

// Stukafest 2017

As a reporter for 3VOOR12 Zeeland, I visited Stukafest Middelburg, a music festival organized by students which takes place in student dorms all over the town.

// Accepted at masters program

After quite a long wait and some struggles, I got accepted at the master program Media & Journalism at Erasmus University Rotterdam – which we traditionally celebrated with a lot of snacks.

// Bevrijdingsfestival Zeeland 2017

On the fifth of May, we celebrate our freedom in the Netherlands. The day before we remember those who have died in World War II and on May 5 we celebrate our freedom with festivals all over the country. I visited the festival in my own province to write an article for 3VOOR12 Zeeland.

// AFW 2 year anniversary

This May marked the two year anniversary of Almost Famous Writer! In an article, I described how this online magazine was founded (part boredom, part passion) and how it grew into the platform to channel all of my creativity and interests online.

// Finished university

Tomorrow is my actual graduation with the whole ceremony and the handing out of the degrees, but I officially finished university a couple of weeks ago. Even though I had handed in all of my assignments and portfolios and important documents, I didn’t really feel like I was done with university until the administration day we had this week, where we got our enormously flattering cap and gowns.

// Got the key to our new apartment

At the moment I’m taking you along with me during the whole moving process in my Moving Masters series, but Boyfriend and I are moving in together and we finally got the key to our new home in Rotterdam! We’re already moving into the little house, bringing in the furniture and putting together IKEA furniture and we literally cannot wait until we can fully move in.

// Turning 21!

And here we are! During the graduation gala I turned 21, where my friends sung ‘Happy birthday’ for me when the clock struck 12. The rest of my birthday celebrations included midnight chicken nuggets, really amazing gifts and so many snacks. On to the next year…

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