After a very busy, but incredibly fun, birthday and graduation week, it’s time to come back to the real world and take a look at my calendar. There, marked with some classic glitter tape, popped up another event for next weekend: Best Kept Secret! The music festival slightly creeped up on me, which now results in crazy listing, packing and preparing – a slightly obsessive process you can follow in the one and only music festival guide on Almost Famous Writer! Previous installments included an overview of the five biggest weekend music festivals of the Benelux and a list with 10 camping essentials, but today we’re talking about beauty and toiletries! I have listed 14 essential products for in your toilet bag, which might seem a bit excessive at first, but these are all items you wish you had with you in the little campsite bathroom stall…

// Biodermal Sunscreen

One of the most important things to bring with you to a music festival: sunscreen. I could really recommend this sun fluid from Biodermal, which is especially for your face. It’s a very light formula, which feels very cooling and nice on your skin, as it’s not sticky or greasy at all. Plus, this formula has a mattifying effect, which is great if you’re prone to super-shiny-face-syndrom like yours truly, and has a very high SPF in it.

// Dry Shampoo

Bathrooms at weekend music festivals are usually not the best – unless you have a super-deluxe VIP experience at Coachella or something – so do prepare in case you don’t have the opportunity to shower or wash your hair properly. In those desperate times, you need some dry shampoo to get rid of the grease and sweat in your hair, but also to boost that volume and festival waves. This one from Batiste smells amazing and works like a dream.

// Travel Toothbrush

When you’re packing your toiletry bag for a weekend festival, there’s one key word: mini’s. Anything that you can find in a smaller size or foldable version, go and get it. It will save you same space in your bag, which then will be less heavy to carry from your car to your carefully selected campsite spot. I would recommend to bring a foldable or mini toothbrush, just to save some space in your back. This one is from Etos and super handy because of the lid you can put over the actual brush (more hygienic!), but you can of course get them at every drugstore.

// Make-up wipes

Another key word to keep in mind while packing is: tired. When you have partied at the festival grounds all day and you come back to the campsite all sweaty and tired, chances are considerably high that you won’t feel like going through your entire skin care routine. Instead, be lazy and clean by using these micellar cleansing wipes from Garnier. Whether you’re wearing make-up at a music festival or not, it’s still very important to clean your face before you go to sleep to get rid of sweat, dirt, BBQ sauce, and other things that may have ended up on your face and don’t belong there.

// Mini Shower Gel

Another mini! Shower gels are usually very heavy and they take up a lot of room in your toiletry bag, which is why I would totally recommend buying yourself a mini version. This one is from The Body Shop, which comes in a teeny tiny version, and smells heavenly in those equally teeny tiny bathroom stalls.

// Waterproof Mascara

I personally don’t wear a lot of make-up at music festivals, just because I feel more comfortable being outside in the sun all day without it, but I do tend to wear some mascara. I do always make sure the mascara I wear is waterproof, like this one from  Essence, to prevent it from sweating of my face.

// Wet Wipes

As mentioned before, do prepare from situations when you cannot take a shower. In this case, you do want to feel clean, be hygienic and smell just a tad bit better. That’s when these wet wipes from Kruidvat come in: they’re super easy to use and you can just toss them away afterwards (which might not be the best for the environment, but we’re desperate here).

// Mini Toothpaste

Another product I would recommend getting in a mini version: toothpaste. Why bring one of those big and heavy tubes when you can bring a cute little toothpaste like this one from Sensodyne?

// Mini Shampoo

For shampoo I have pretty much the same kind of advice: don’t bring one of those heavy and big bottles to a weekend music festivals. They sell a lot of shampoos in a mini version at the drugstore, which I would very much recommend bringing with you instead. I really like this one from Andrélon, because it helps to add some extra volume to my hair.

// Face Cream

Face cream can a bit of tricky one when it comes down to packing for a weekend music festival. Usually you have your own day and night cream, which you are using daily and are working miracles for your skin, and you would want to bring those with you. But hear me out, because it takes up quite some space in your toiletry back to bring two pots of cream. Instead, I would recommend looking for a moisturizing cream in a tube with a pump like this one from Garnier. It’s good to travel with because you use the pump instead of having to scrape cream for your pot, and you can both use this as your moisturizer in the morning and as a night cream in the evening when you apply it extra thickly.

// Mini Hairbrush

Another item you can save some space with it your hairbrush. I would recommend bringing a smaller one with to a weekend festival, just to same some desperately needed space. This one is from Kruidvat and it’s great because it’s pink.

// Mini Body-lotion

This is the very last mini in this list, I promise! Bringing body-lotion to a weekend festival seems a bit excessive and overtly luxurious, but still I would highly recommend bringing a mini with you, like this one from The Body Shop. For one, it’s just nice to moisturize your skin after you showered, but it can also make you feel more comfortable to smell something from home when you’re going through the interesting yet often terrifying experience of showering at a weekend festival. Additionally, a body lotion can come in super handy as a nice and cooling aftersun cream, especially this one because it’s more of a gel lotion.

// Deodorant

Another really important item to bring with you is deodorant. I would recommend to bring a roller with you, because if you’re getting dressed or you just want to reapply your deodorant in your little tent, you really don’t want to use a spray. Instead, I would recommend to bring a roller deodorant with you, like this one from Rexona.

// Sanitary Towels

Last but not least: something you’re not likely to forget if you know you’re going to need them during the festival, but something you really don’t want to be without. Yes, I’m talking about sanitary towels. For those of you that have a more irregular cycle, I would recommend just to bring some with you in case, because you can’t usually buy them at the campsite shop. These ones are from Libresse, but you can of course bring whichever ones you prefer.

And that concludes the 14 items I always pack in my toiletry bag when I’m preparing for a weekend music festival! The next installment in the Almost Famous Writer music festival guide will be what I’m packing in my suitcase and what I bring with me in my day bag to the festival grounds – so keep your eyes peeled!