Settling into a new house and a new city can be quite a challenge – cleaning up those last boxes with stuff, making sure the house is ready before your grandparents come to visit, then keeping the house clean, et cetera. But with your favorite music playing in the background, it suddenly becomes so much more enjoyable. In times of change I often turn to new music by familiar bands, or I go through my collections of favorite musical soundtracks and sing along with them cover to cover (guilty). These are my five musical highlights of July!

// Royal Blood – “Lights Out”

The first new release is from Royal Blood, a British duo with the extraordinary gift of making a lot of noise with only two band members. Back in 2014, they released my favorite album of that year, and last month it was time for the runner-up: How Did We Get So Dark? Royal Blood’s sound has stayed pretty much exactly the same, only with a few tweaks here and there. It’s still a very full, sensual and heavy sound, which makes for another great album that has been on repeat the last few weeks.

// Lost Frequencies & Netsky – “Here With You”

I heard this track on the radio a couple of weeks ago, and it immediately drew me in. Neither Lost Frequencies nor Netsky move in my usual musical circles, but for some reason I’ve been really enjoying “Here With You”.

// HAIM – “Want You Back”

Another new release! The three Haim sisters released their highly anticipated second album this month, Something To Tell You. The album follows the story of a break-up, and features funky songs and music videos with a lot of fashion inspiration.

// Lorde – “Liability”

Perhaps my favorite new release of the past few weeks was Lorde’s second album Melodrama. It took 4 years, but she young singer-songwriter is back and better than ever. “Liability” is the most vulnerable track of the album, which revolves around Lorde’s first breakup, and mesmerizes with just piano tunes and her amazing vocals.

// Moulin Rouge OST – “El Tango de Roxanne”

One of my absolute favorite films of all time is Moulin Rouge, and especially its soundtrack, which features covers of tracks from The Police, Elton John and David Bowie. I’m not entirely ashamed to reveal that I can sing along with Nicole Kidman on “Sparkling Diamonds”, or with Ewan McGregor on “Your Song”. And who can resist a classic like “Lady Marmelade”? But my all time favorite Moulin Rouge track has to be “El Tango de Roxanne”, which makes for a great soundtrack when you’re cleaning up the mess formerly known as your new house.



Image source: Billboard