One of the most important yet scary parts of getting a new apartment and moving house would be the part where you have to make some pretty serious decisions. Either you have to make them on your own, which requires quite some independence and confidence, or you have to make decisions together with other people, which in turn ask for some discussion and compromising. No matter the details of the situation, decisions that could alter your life have to be made and that can be super scary.

In my own case, the only big scary decision that really needed to be made, was made quite easily. During the process of us finding our new home, we were so incredibly lucky that we only went to look at one apartment and nearly immediately knew this was the place for us. We both could imagine ourselves living there and contacted the house owner with our interest maybe a couple of hours after we had seen the apartment. From that moment onwards, everything went quite smoothly with organizing the contracts and the living permits and everything else. I really do feel that when a decision-making process goes quite organically and smoothly, it’s more likely to have been the right decision – just because it feels more natural.

Thus, the feeling needs to be right when you make a big and impactful decision, such as deciding on your new apartment. Even when you have to make the decision with someone else, because you’re moving in with your partner or with friends, I think you really need to listen to your own gut and to your own feelings regarding the decision you’re about to make. At the same time, you also need to take the feelings and thoughts of the person you’re going to be renting the apartment with, which ultimately leads to compromising and, hopefully, making that decision.

It might take some time and quite some organizational skills, but finally you decide on your new apartment. When you have decided for yourself upon the apartment, it’s time for some more organizational skills, but this time with the renter of the apartment. Don’t sign anything on the spot or under pressure, but always make sure you have enough time and peace of mind to read through the rental contracts before you fully commit to something. In anything is unclear, ask your landlord and discuss possibilities with them. In the end, you should come to an agreement that all parties are happy with and that you feel comfortable with.

And once that contract is signed and you have the keys to your new apartment, it’s finally time for theĀ real fun stuff: putting those Pinterest boards full of interior inspiration to the test and making your new house your new home (which was definitely my favorite part!). Stay tuned for the next Moving Masters installment, which is all about that Instagram- and Pinterest worthy inspiration and how to incorporate them into your own home.



Featured image: Khalid Amakran