Hello… it’s me! I was wondering if after all these weeks you’d like to read what I’ve been up to over the Summer – because, let’s be honest, the past couple of weeks (months?!) have been full of radio-silence. I feel like so much has happened, and so much is currently happening, since I’ve last sat down behind my newly situated and decorated little desk area and just wrote. So let’s start at the beginning…

At the beginning of this Summer, I graduated from university. After three years of studying literature, linguistics and theatre & media studies at University College Roosevelt, I was rewarded with a bachelor honors degree and I finally got to throw that tassel to the left (or was it the right?!) and that cap into the air. It should have been the time to finally relax and enjoy my free time after three years of university – only I was already busy packing up my student dorm room and saying goodbye to the town and the people I used to call home. Almost immediately after my graduation, I moved from the little province of Zeeland to the big town of Rotterdam, where I moved in together with Boyfriend.

The following weeks were filled with trips to IKEA (farewell, carefully saved student loans!), buying a baby blue couch, decorating our little house, filling it with plants and ending up killing them just as quickly, navigating our new neighborhood, playing Assassin’s Creed on our new Playstation and dividing annoying chores. It was a period of transition, for both of us, and only now I feel grounded and at ease in my new little home – just in time for the next chapter.

Today marked the first of introductory events of my new master program at Erasmus University Rotterdam, which was a desperately needed tour of the campus. Walking across the university grounds, I couldn’t help but feel that this experience would be completely different from my previous one – and how much I’m in need of a completely different and new adventure. Next week, I will start with a degree in Media & Journalism and I’m so ready to be back in university again. The past Summer it has become undeniably clear to me that I need structure to function properly and that my color-coded planning isn’t just slightly obsessive behavior, but really helps me to have a clear overview of my tasks and to actually do them.

So, here’s to a freshly color-coded planning, a new beginning at a new university and a fresh start on Almost Famous Writer.



Featured image: Jeroen Musch