I used to think I was a Summer girl through and through, but with the imminent arrival of Autumn and all the beautiful things that come with it (cosy sweaters, scented candles, hot chocolates), I can’t deny this upcoming season holds a special place in my heart. Transitioning from Summer into Autumn can be a bit tricky, with the start of university or work, and the constant struggle of what to wear in the morning. The ever-changing temperatures and the dooming grey clouds demand some extra attention in the wardrobe-department, but who doesn’t love a good fashion challenge? To inspire the transitioning of your Autumn wardrobe, here’s an overview of the 10 biggest trends for this upcoming season!

// Red

The bright popping color of love and lipsticks is this season’s most popular: red. You go all out in a completely red outfit (if you dare!), or add pops of red to your outfit with bright shoes or a comfy sweater.

// Teddy

One of my favorite trends this season is that of the teddy coat. It’s soft, it keeps you warm during those colder Autumn days and it’s super comfortable to wear – what else could you want this season?

// Sock Boots

Boots are essential during the Autumn months, but this season it’s the sock boot that steals the show. The sock boot comes up a little bit higher than your usual ankle boot and fits tightly around your ankle and leg. Mega pro: the sock boots looks great with both jeans and a dress, and they come in more unique styles such as velvet and glitter.

// Dark Florals

Florals are my go-to pattern all year around, but this Autumn they are a little bit darker and more gothic-inspired than before. The prints are more dramatic and grander, which suits those darker days of Autumn perfectly.

// Sportswear

A trend that has been up and coming this past year, is to wear sports- and leisurewear together with more classic and feminine pieces. Combining a sporty jumper or tracksuit bottoms with heels or a classic cream jumper to copy this look.

// Patent Leather

Patent leather is a material that’s going to be huge this fashion season. From those extra shiny sock boots, a patent skirt or a Matrix-inspired coat; patent leather is everywhere this Autumn.

// Glitter

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of fun to your Autumn dressing, is to add a touch of glitter. You can keep it simply by just adding glitter boots or a glitter top to an otherwise minimalist outfit, or you could go all out and wear those glitter pants to brighten up your day.

// Fishnets

They were already a big trend this past Summer, and they’re definitely here to stay: the fishnet tights. You can keep your look classic by wearing fishnets together with a big and cozy sweater dress and simple black boots, or you can wear little fishnet socks to something funky to your outfit.

// Midi Skirts

If you’re transitioning one item from your Summer wardrobe into your Autumn one, it’s the midi skirt. Reaching just below the knee, a mini skirt looks great with some boots and a big cozy jumper.

// Velvet

My favorite material would probably be velvet and luckily for me, this Autumn is still all about the soft and luxurious-looking material. A velvet blazer adds a little softness and femininity to a work-appropriate outfit, and a soft pink velvet blouse hugs you all day long.