Hello everyone! Welcome to the new and improved Almost Famous Writer! While I’m writing this, I really do feel like this is the beginning of something new and fresh and exciting. Even though I’ve been writing and publishing articles on Almost Famous Writer for a few years now, only a couple of weeks ago I decided to take this platform to the next level and right now you’re looking at the result. When you’re browsing through the new website, you’ll notice that on the surface not a lot has changed. However, behind the scenes, a lot did change over the past couple of weeks.

This new and improved (and slightly shinier) version of Almost Famous Writer has been quite some time in the making. After waiting and waiting some more, I finally took the plunge, bought my own domain name and started working on Almost Famous Writer 3.0; finally, my very own website. I spent long nights on the couch, with a little white fur ball right next to me (who will be introduced very very soon!), while working on the design for the website. I brainstormed for article ideas, started planning and scheduling posts (we all know I love a good color-coded planning system) and finally, came back to writing again. Not a lot has changed, but enough to really make it feel like my very own website. Now it’s truly a place where I can share my passions, my interests and my stories – and I hope you’ll come along for the ride. 

And hello December! It’s an exciting month for me, both offline and online. You know what they say, ’tis the season and I’m a big fan of the holidays. It’s still November when I’m writing this update and we just put up our Christmas tree. It’s our first Christmas in our new home and to celebrate we bought ourselves a nice cheap and fake Christmas tree – and we absolutely love it. Right now, the only things we had around to decorate it with are two sparkly unicorns and a string of unicorn fairy lights, but every time I walk into our living room and see our tree, it does start to feel a lot like Christmas (the Christmas music I’ve played on repeat since half November already helped a lot, I must admit). 

But besides all of the Christmas festivities, December is also a very exciting month for Almost Famous Writer. This month, Almost Famous Writer will be like an online advent calendar, where every day you can “open up” a fresh new article right here on this website. Instead of treating yourself to a chocolate with every box you open up on the advent calendar, you can find articles on my love for my Cineville subscription card and all the reasons I love Zeeland, a ton of fashion inspiration (because holiday dressing, no matter how fun and sparkly, it can be quite tricky), carefully curated Christmas gift guides, a new Cinema Club, enough Christmas inspiration and, of course, my round-up of favorite films, music and books of the past year.

The road to Almost Famous Writer 3.0 has been long, but I haven’t walked it alone. Whether they were aware of it at the time or not, quite a lot of people have helped me with the launch of this new website. First of all, thanks Mom for putting an end to my seemingly endless search for the perfect website design and picking the best look for a new Almost Famous Writer. A shoutout to Steven for helping me actually bringing the design to life and changing all the colors to that one perfect shade of pink (it was quite a struggle, let me tell you). A massive thank you to Yonna, who always had the right advice packed and ready to go all the way from Sheffield. Another shoutout to Youran, for helping me shoot the pictures to go with the new website. And finally, a heartfelt thanks to Merlijn for always having my back, for always providing me with snacks and for listening to me waffling on about all my ideas for Almost Famous Writer (hmm, waffles…). 

So stay tuned for an update every single day until Christmas Day, which means a grand total of 24 (!) brand new articles on Almost Famous Writer this month. But just a little heads-up, they do taste best with a little chocolate on the side. 

Photo credits: Youran Kock