A couple of months ago we decided we wanted to adopt a cat. We both missed having a pet in the house and we really wanted to adopt a cat, to give one a good home. When I was growing up, there was always a dog around and although I definitely want to get a dog some day, it just isn’t possible to get one at this point in our lives. However, getting a cat would be very much possible and so our journey began. 

Once we decided we wanted to adopt a cat, we started to look around online. We had been following the Facebook page of Stichting Zwerfkatten Rijnmond for quite some time and when the shelter hosted an open day, we decided to go and take a look. We could walk around the shelter, visit the really tiny kittens and take a look at the cats that were up for adoption. That day was the first time we saw Ziggy. He looked so tiny and shy, looking up at all the strangers passing by, kids waving at him and us falling in love with him from behind the glass. We knew right there and then that this was the kitten that we wanted to adopt, so we filled in a form and handed it in with the shelter. Now we just had to wait for them to contact us about Ziggy. 

A couple of days passed before the shelter contacted us and initially they asked if we wanted to adopt two really young kittens instead of one slightly older kitten. Although at first we were super enthusiastic about having two tiny kittens and we thought it would be great for them, because this way they would never be alone, they would always have a playmate around if we both aren’t at home. But after some careful thinking and consideration, as much as we would have loved to adopt them, it wouldn’t have been a smart decision. Getting two kittens all of a sudden would have been too much and wouldn’t have been good for either the cats or us. 

So instead, we asked about Ziggy. The people at the shelter told us he was popular with quite some people and they had to check whether or not he was still available for adoption. We crossed our fingers, waited a while, and we finally got the call that Ziggy was going to be ours in just over a week’s time. 

In the meantime I was staying at my parents’ house for the weekend, and my Mom and I were binge-watching Big Little Lies. In the show, one of the kids is called Ziggy and, of course, he’s named after Ziggy Stardust. I thought the name was so sweet and so cool, and when the time came for us to adopt our kitten, Ziggy seemed like the perfect name. Music is very very important to us, so we think it’s great that our kitten is named after David Bowie. 

We loved having Ziggy in our house from the second we brought him home. On the first day we had the tinniest little kitten in our house and he was scared of basically everything but his kibble, and on the third day we found ourselves raising a rebellious teenage cat. I found myself shouting “Don’t eat that cactus, young man!”, “Don’t climb on top of the book cases!” and “Don’t hide behind the stack of Playstation games!” about a hundred times a day. 

At the moment, about three weeks after we adopted Ziggy, we’ve gotten quite fond of each other. He’s no longer scared, he’s busy exploring every inch of the house and he loves to play with everything he can get his little claws on. His own fishing rod toy (I’m not sure who enjoys playing with it more, Ziggy or me), the Christmas tree (every time we leave the house I’m convinced he’s made it his life’s mission to climb the top of the tree) and various miscellaneous items. For example, Ziggy is constantly on the hunt for my unicorn slippers. They’re big and fluffy and therefore they must be hunted down and viciously killed, according to little Ziggy. Although he’s pretty scared of them when they’re walking through the house, he does creep up on them when they’re lying besides the couch. 

Even though I’m scared one of these days my beloved unicorn slippers will be viciously murdered, I’m ever so glad we adopted Ziggy. He makes me laugh so much, because of the crazy things he does or the funny faces he makes or the little sounds he makes when he knows it’s dinner time. I love it when he comes to lie next to me on the couch when I’m writing blogposts or that he watches the TV when we’re watching Netflix. I’m half enjoyed, half amused when he jumps on the bed to wake us up in the morning because he wants breakfast and he licks my nose to wake me up (it works, unfortunately enough). I’m just so happy that we were able to give Ziggy a good home and I hope that, even though my unicorn slippers do scare him a little bit, he likes to live with us too.