It will come as no surprise that I love to read blogs. After all, one of the reasons why I started Almost Famous Writer was because I love to read blogs (that and boredom and a need to dump my creativity and my love for pink somewhere). It’s hard to pinpoint where this love started; I honestly can’t remember the first blog I read that made me fall in love with it. Perhaps it wasn’t love at first sight, but a love that grew and grew with every new story I read online and one that is still growing to this day. 

// Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale

I think Hannah Gale’s blog is one of my most recent discoveries, but it’s one that I was immediately drawn to. I really like how she combines more easily digestible content with more journalistic articles on the future of women’s lifestyle content and the future of blogging. For example, Hannah writes short and sweet posts like “30 Sassy Fashion Buys Under £30” and “The Super Snuggly Leopard Print Coat” (yep, that’s the one from the picture above), but she also writes longer articles, such as “My Predictions For Blogging In 2018” and “The End Of Glamour Magazine And The Future Of Lifestyle Content“. 

// What Olivia Did

What Olivia Did

On her fashion and lifestyle blog, London-based Liv Purvis shares some of the best fashion advice out there, great travel diaries and awesome music recommendations. At the moment, Liv’s featuring some great Christmas gift guides on her website, providing you with inspiration on what to buy for foodies, beauty addicts and your best friends (psst, if you’re in need of more Christmas gift inspiration, fear not, you will see some poppin’ up on Almost Famous Writer pretty soon). Besides her blog, I also love to read Liv’s Sunday mail newsletter. It’s pink (always a winner for me), easy to read and full of great recommendations on music, books, magazines and fashion. 

// Megan Ellaby

Megan Ellaby

If you’re looking for crazy colourful, glittery and out-of-the-box fashion advice, look no further than Megan Ellaby’s blog. Based in Manchester, Megan showcases her personal style in some of the most high definition fashion blogger’s pictures out there, which is greatly influenced by fashion from the sixties and seventies. Although I have to admit it’s not the most user friendly website (where is the search box??!! I love to search for things), it’s still a great platform for original fashion content, interior decoration inspiration, and some very sleek beauty edits

// Shot From The Street

Shot From The Street

Then there’s the queen of fashion blogging and film photography, Lizzy Hadfield from Shot From The Street. On her blog, Lizzy shares outfit posts in which she combines high-end pieces with high-street fashion, travel diaries, and more personal updates. Shot From The Street has a cool vintage vibe to it, because of the nostalgic film footage and because of Lizzy’s personal style. Except a lot of straight leg denim, bomber jackets and chelsea boots. 

// Estée Lalonde

Estée Lalonde

Look at that cute doggo! Let’s be honest, one of the reasons I follow Estée Lalonde’s blog is because of her super cute greyhound Reggie (just kidding’…). But for real, Estée lists the best book recommendations (Murakami! Rupi Kaur!), fashion wish lists with some great collages (gotta love them collages) and the best places to buy really cool stationary